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George Edward King, Architect

George Edward King

Born: November 15, 1852; London, England

Died: November 25, 1912 (age 60); El Paso, Texas (Concordia Cemetery)

Came to the United States: late 1860s or early 1870s

Wife: Harriet King

Children: George Edward King, Jr (b 1875)

Profession: AIA Architect


George Edward King was born in London, England on November 15, 1852. He was the youngest of two(?) brothers and a sister. King came to the United States possibly in the late 1860s or early 1870s. He lived in Boulder in the 1870s, during which he married Harriet and had a son in 1875. By 1878, King was in Leadville. His brother John was a builder in England and along with their sister’s husband, James Martin, frequently visited George in the United States. All three of them worked together on various projects in the 1870s and 1880s. George King specialized in the French Mansard/Second Empire style, as reflected in many of his designs.


According to the 1879 Leadville City Directory (published once a year starting in 1879), George E. King had his architect office at 29 Harrison Avenue in Dix’s building and resided above Dix’s grocery store at the same address (several offices existed above the store as well as residences, including Dix’s own residence). The 1880 city directory shows his office at 166 Harrison Avenue in the Frost Room above Haswell’s Drug Store, and King’s residence at his new house he designed and built in 1879 located at 212 W 9th Street. The 1880 directory also shows that he had a draftsman named Samuel Bland, who does not appear again in future directories. The 1881 directory shows that his office moved to 502 Harrison Avenue in room 20 of the Howell Block and went by the business name of George E. King & Company. John King apparently joined his brother in the business and resided with George at 212 W 9th Street. This arrangement of business and residence appears to stay the same through 1885, except for the office moving in 1883 from room 20 to room 1 within the same building. In 1885, neither George King, John King, nor the business appears in any directory after 1885. However, the Western Association of Architects membership list shows George as still a resident of Leadville in 1886 (contact information could have been submitted to WAA before the 1886 city directory was published and before King moved). The 1890 through 1897 membership lists show King residing in El Paso, Texas.



Also in the 1890s, George had offices in El Paso and in Mexico City, with the following letterhead information:

“Office of Geo. E King

Architect and Superintendent

Wells Fargo Bank Block

El Paso, Texas”


“Office of Geo. E King

Apartado 537

Mexico City, Mexico”.


According to the American Institute of Architects, King became a member of the Western Association of Architects in 1885. In 1889, the Western Association of Architects merged with the American Institute of Architects, and AIA members were upgraded to the status of Fellow to match the status of the WAA members.


Buildings designed in Boulder

  • Old Main, Colorado State University, 1878
  • Arnett-Fullen House, 646 Pearl Street, 1877


Buildings designed in Leadville

  • Tabor Opera House,
    308 Harrison Avenue, 1878
  • The Clipper Building (Silver Dollar Saloon),
    315 Harrison Avenue, 1879
  • King’s personal residence,
    212 West Ninth Street, 1879
  • Lake County Courthouse,
    West side of Harrison Ave between 4th and 5th Streets, 1880
  • Central School,
    NW Corner of Chestnut and Spruce Streets,
    1880 or 1881
  • 9th Street School, Corner of 9th and Poplar Streets, 1881 or 1882
  • Temple Israel, 201 W 4th Street, 1884
  • Tabor Grand Hotel, 711 Harrison Avenue, 1885
  • Delaware Hotel, Delaware Block,
    700 Harrison Avenue, 1886
  • Post Office (1904-1973),
    now City Hall (1973-present),
    800 Harrison Avenue, 1904


Buildings designed in Mexico

  • Casino Club, Juarez
  • Opera House, Zacatecas
  • Opera House, Mexico City
  • Ricardo Castro Theatre, Durango, 1900


George E. King Home, Leadville, 2015

First known advertisement in Boulder

May 14, 1875

Boulder County News

Last known advertisement in Boulder

October 18, 1878

Boulder County News

1879 City Directory ad

1880 City Directory ad

1881 City Directory ad

1882 City Directory ad

1884 City Directory ad

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