Building Restoration

After the acquisition of the synagogue building, the Temple Israel Foundation began what proved to be a four phase restoration project to return the structure as close as possible back to its original look for use as a museum and to its original function as a sacred structure. These phases coincided with matching grants received from the Colorado State Historical Fund, which accounted for approximately one half of the total cost of the project.

Phase 1: Preliminary drawings and an assessment by Long Hoeft Architects of Georgetown, Colorado.
Phase 2: Restoration of the front façade, 2000-2001.
Phase 3*: Restoration of the exterior of the building, 2006-2008.
Phase 4*: Restoration of the interior of the building, 2006-2008.

*Phase 3 and 4 occured after an electrical fire in the building on May 4, 2006. The unexpected fire ultimately thrusted the building into restoration mode sooner that what would be planned otherwise.

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North Elevation

North elevation drawing for restoration.

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