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Carpenter Gothic Architectural Style

Carpenter Gothic is an architectural style that was popular in North America. It was a Folk/Stick Style offshoot of the Gothic Revival movement specific to smaller, more rural wood framed structures instead of the larger brick or stone cousins. While the American Gothic Revival movement ranged from the 1840s through the 1860s, the Carpenter Gothic style extended later into the 1890s, particularly in the western United States.

Carpenter Gothic architecture features some combination of pointed arch windows, circle windows, tall square towers (usually with narrow pointed spires), minor buttresses, vertical board and batten walls or horizontal clapboarded walls, vergeboards, bargeboards, and steep pitched roofs (often with cross gables), among other details. Carpenter Gothic structures were simply adorned as compared to the Medieval Gothic style. However, some structures did include more extensive decoration and trim.

Most Carpenter Gothic structures are houses or buildings of worship, particularly Episcopal churches. Similar wood structures in the Carpenter Gothic style also were built in Canada, England, Australia, and New Zealand.

In Leadville, several worship structures existed:

• First Presbyterian Church, 119 & 121 W 5th Street, 1879?

• St. George Episcopal Church, 200 W 4th Street, 1880

• Temple Israel, 201 W 4th Street, 1884

• First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 301 E 8th Street, 1888

Temple Israel

This Presbyterian Church became the Orthodox synagogue in 1893. The building was torn down in 1937.

St. George Episcopal Church

First Evangelical Lutheran Church

The "Swedish Lutheran Church"

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Other examples of Carpenter Gothic in the US

The following photos show other examples of Carpenter Gothic structures from around the United States.

The most iconic Carpenter Gothic structure is featured in the painting American Gothic by Grant Wood.

The house is in Eldon, Iowa.

Grace Episcopal Church

Georgetown, Colorado

St. John’s-In-The-Prairie

Episcopal Church

Forkland, Alabama

Unitarian Universalists

of San Mateo, California

(originally a Methodist church)

Christ Church

Fort Meade, Florida

St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

Prairieville, Alabama

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

Cahaba, Alabama

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

Lowndesboro, Alabama

First Baptist Church

Methuen, Massachusetts

Cooper House

Independence, Oregon

Oak Hill Cottage

Mansfield, Ohio

Grace Episcopal Church and Guild Hall

Port Orange, Florida

St. Paul’s Chapel

Crownsville, Maryland

The most iconic Carpenter Gothic structure is featured in the painting

Ferrey House

Kent, Ohio

St. Paul's by-the-sea

Protestant Episcopal Church

Ocean City, Maryland

Temple Israel Foundation

208 West 8th Street

Leadville, Colorado 80461


Temple Israel Museum

201 West 4th Street

Leadville, Colorado 80461

Hebrew Cemetery

Within Evergreen Cemetery

North end of James Street, Leadville

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