Leadville Cemetery Obituaries


Compiled by Stan Oliner, Updated December 19, 2000

Full obituaries and newspaper accounts, with specific citations, are on file in the Temple Israel Foundation archives.


Ballin, Bertha E.

Age 1, December 11, 1901

Bertha, the young daughter and only child of Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Ballin, died after she was stricken with pneumonia.  The funeral took place from the residence.  (Obit.)


Barnett, Sarah Hyman

Age 63, March 2, 1926

Mrs. Sarah Barnett came to a tragic death last Friday evening when some candles she had lighted as part of a pre-Sabbath religious ritual ignited her clothing.  David Hyman, her son, attempted to extinguish the flames before they burned his mother, but he was too late.  She died the following morning.


She was born in Vilna, Russia.  Coming to America when quite young, she lived in Leadville for forty years prior to her removal to Denver two years ago on account of failing health.  (Obit.)


Bergman, Jacob

Age 55, April 9, 1917

Mr. Bergman died of Bright's Disease, which affected him seriously while he was in Trinidad...He returned to Leadville seven months ago seriously ill...


Mr. Bergman was born in Russia Poland.  He came to the United States thirty years ago, since then he had lived most of his time in Leadville.  At one time he managed a clothing store here, and later he was employed by M.B. Miller, a well known clothier.  (Obit.)


Bloomfield, Jesse

February 23, 1905

For three hours this morning...friends of the late Jesse Bloomfield, who was accidentally killed at the Adams (mining) shaft, will be permitted to view the remains in Temple Israel on Fourth street.  (Obit.)


Braham, Arthur

Age 10 months, April 6, 1883

The friends of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Braham testified their sympathy by being present in large numbers at little Arthur's funeral.  (Obit.)


Butler, Fred

Age 55, June 21, 1911

Fred Butler, pioneer merchant, Republican politician and insurance man, breathed his last at St. Vincent's hospital...


The death of Fred Butler removes from the scene of earthly activities one of the most interesting personalities of the city.  He came to Leadville on March 17, 1879.  It was his original intention to examine the smelting business in the new mining camp.  The young New York businessman, however, decided that a profitable field was open for the establishment of a dry goods store caused he and his brother Isaac to found the "Palace of Fashion".  The failure of the store during the Panic of 1893 caused him to be appointed receiver of the land office by President McKinley and reappointed by President Theodore Roosevelt.  Later he conducted an insurance agency.


He devoted much of his leisure to the study of elocution and became a finished Shakespeare scholar and reciter.  (Obit.)


Cohn, Leah

Age 27, June 28, 1898

The funeral of Mrs. Louis Cohn was held from Temple Israel.  Impressive services were conducted and County Judge Krell, who had presided over her wedding ceremony only a little over a year ago, made a few appropriate remarks.


The sad death of Mrs. Cohn was a shock to her many friends in this city.  On January 17, 1897 she was united in marriage to Louis Cohn.  The guest of honor at the wedding was Colorado Senator Alva Adams.  (Obit.)


Cooperman, Abraham

Age 44, September 23, 1902

Abraham, a tailor at Leadville for sixteen years, died of meningitis, leaving his widow with five children to care for.  The couple's sixth child was stillborn on August 29, 1899.  This child is buried next to Abraham under a common duplex grave monument.  (Cooperman Family History)


Davies, Benjamin Cantor

April 7, 1893

Ben Davies, the well-known jeweler, met death under the most tragic and melancholy circumstances, perishing alone and unaided in the rear of his store, while within a few yards were hundreds of willing hands and hearts who would have rescued him.


A gasoline lamp exploded in Mr. Davies' jewelry store...He threw open the door and cried, "Fire!".  Mr. Davies, who was in the front of his store when he turned in the alarm, returned to the building when he saw the flames devouring his stock, and was seen no more for thirty minutes.  He was found in a back room of the store by his son and was taken out in a lifeless condition.


His widow soon remarried her first husband, her previous divorce and marriage to Davies had fed Leadville gossip and newspaper accounts.  (Obit. and Griswold)


Goldsmith, Jacob

Age 22, May 18, 1895

The shooting of Jacob Goldsmith is still a mystery...


The first theory advanced was that the shooting was done by mistake.  A local man was the victim of two holdups.  He rushed home hatless, seized his gun and hurried back to the scene.  Did young Goldsmith mistake him as one of the men who had assaulted him?  It is said that the gun which shot Goldsmith was held so close that it burned his coat.  If this is true it is quite probable that there was a struggle between the young man and his slayer.  So far there is no evidence that Jake Goldsmith had a pistol in his possession at the time he was killed...Police arrested the two holdups...  (Obit.)


Goldsmith, Lorris

Age 18, June 1, 1882

At about one o'clock the friends and relatives of Lorris Goldsmith began to assemble at the door of the family home.  A piece of crape was being tossed carelessly by the random winds.  Vehicles began to crowd the street; a procession of soldiers kept step to the muffled beat of the drum.


After the funeral ceremony, the procession formed when the band began to discourse a solemn and pathetic dirge.  Following the hearse was Battery B of which the deceased was a member...At the grave the father trembling and quivering under emotions of sorrow, pronounced an eloquent tribute.


The young man had been snapped by the dread monster and he passed into the domains of death...  (Obit.)




Hecht, Solomon

Age 69, December 23, 1924

He had been since 1879 a resident of Colorado and since 1897 a tailor at Leadville.  He became the father of a lovely girl and sought to make her a real woman and give her the advantages that the poverty of his early life had denied to him.


When his daughter died, he started all over again with the granddaughter she had left behind.  When his wife died, he continued on alone...


He told his friends, "I learned to read, write and work problems in arithmetic from a servant girl that worked in the family of my employer".  Yet at the time of his death he was planning for the college education of his granddaughter.  And that was when he was past the age of 60. (Obit.)


Heimberger, David, MD

Age 65, January 29, 1911

Born in Baden Germany, he arrived in Leadville in 1886.  Prior to coming here he lived on a ranch at Saguache where he entertained General Ulysses S. Grant for two or three days.


Dr. Heimberger was the uncle of J.O. Heimberger, formerly owner of the Herald-Democrat newspaper, whom he had raised from childhood.


Heimberger, Jacob O.

Age 36, June 1, 1904

Jacob Oppeinheim Heimberger sank into the sleep that knows no waking as the promising career of the owner and editor of the Herald Democrat newspaper was cut short due to typhoid fever.  (Obit.)


Kahn, Lee, MD

Age 31, February 26, 1899

Dr. Kahn came to Leadville with his parents in 1879, attended public schools for six years, and then went to Bush Medical College to study medicine, graduating in 1889.  He was an examiner for United States pensions for five years past...


Death has laid his cold hand from this family during the recent past.  Dr. Lee's little son was taken only 13 months ago, the doctor's mother died three months ago, and his death completes a chain of loss in 3 generations that falls heavily upon the family...  (Obit.)


Loeb, Benjamin

Age 72, January 28, 1912

Ben Loeb had a quiet funeral.  Two men and one woman were present, not enough to supply pallbearers.  One man said he could remember when Loeb and his band would march up Harrison avenue at the head of a procession with his flags flying..."this is the funeral of the gay life of the prince of the noisy and lively dance halls".


Julius Kahn of Leadville, who interested himself in arranging Loeb's funeral, wished it understood that Loeb's brother at Dallas never sent any money for his brother's funeral, which was paid for by a subscription among Leadville men.  (Obit.)


Mamlock, Harry

Age 70, September 20, 1917

Death claimed one of Leadville's oldest pioneers as Harry Mamlock came to the district in the earliest days of 1879.  A mining promoter, he was responsible for bringing in large amounts of capital for mining development work.  At one time he was in the saloon business and at another time he operated a loan business out of his home.  (Obit.)


Miller, Henry

Age 18, November 8, 1909

One of the most unfortunate shootings in Leadville's history resulted in the death of young Henry Miller through the accidental discharge of Merchant Police James McDonnell's revolved while using the weapon as a club in trying to separate two dogs which were fighting in the city jail courtyard.  Young Miller lived for 30 minutes after being shot.


The boy's mother presented a pitiful spectacle in the office of Dr. Griffith being heart broken over the sorrowful occurrence.  Miller was the son or Mr. and Mrs. Nathan H. Miller who conduct a clothing store.  He was a student at the High School and a star football player of the teams of 1908 and 1909.


The police officer is said to be crazed with grief.  (Obit.)


Miller, Minette

Age 87, December 15, 1981

Minette Miller served as Lake County director of public welfare for 26 years.  Born in Leadville in 1894, she taught school in Leadville for many years before being named to the welfare post.


She was very active in civic affairs and served as president of the Leadville Historical Society.  In her later years, when asked about Leadville's Jewish community, she exclaimed, "I am the Leadville Jewish community".  One particular interest of hers was to erect a wooden fence around the Hebrew Cemetery, something not done in her lifetime (but accomplished in August of 1999).  (Obits.)


Oliner, Herman

Age 64, December 7, 1911

Herman Oliner died as the result of a runaway near Twin Lakes as his wagon overturned.  (Family history).


Schayer, Essie

Age 15, May 10, 1901

The funeral of Esther E. Schayer, the young daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Schayer, was held at Temple Israel... At the synagogue the crowd of mourning friends was so great that the building could not hold all of them.  The Superintendent of Schools made a comforting address on the lovely character of the deceased.  (Obit.)


Schayer, Adolph

Age 55, November 15, 1909

Coming to Leadville in 1880, Mr. Schayer engaged in the wholesale liquor business.  In 1900 the Adolph Schayer Mercantile co. dissolved.  During the same year a daughter Essie died as a result of an operation.  Schayer immediately moved to Denver and founded an importing company.


Schayer, always faithful to Jewish ideals, was often called on to conduct the rituals of his faith.  During the past 15 years he had presided over many ritual services of former Jewish residents of Leadville.  (Obit.)



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