Charles Pfeiffer

Occupation: Bakery owner, Cook, Hotel Proprietor, Ice Cream Vendor


Charles Pfeiffer’s origins are unknown. He does not appear in any of Leadville’s census records, which may be because he arrived shortly after the 1880 census, but left the area during the next census record in 1885. However, though Charles Pfeiffer’s document trail is scarce, he was a business owner and worked in several hotels as a cook and baker during his time in Leadville. In 1880, he went into business with John Sengfelder with the Carbonate Bakery where the partners also sold kosher sausages and other assorted kosher foods at 424 Harrison Avenue. Sengfelder and Pfeiffer ran the bakery until 1882, which is when they sold the Carbonate Bakery to brothers J.W. and Thomas J. Hall.

After 1882 Charles worked as a cook, baker, and sold fruits and confectionaries, until 1888, when he eventually became the proprietor of the Maine Hotel at 622 East 5th Street.[1]  Charles only remained at the Maine hotel for a year before he moved to the St. James Hotel at 139-141 East 6th Street.[2]  Despite the quick move Charles retained his position proprietor at the St. James Hotel. Although well experienced in the hospitality sector, 1890 found James as an ice cream vendor at 136 East 6th Street. According to Leadville’s City Directories Charles remained in the city until 1892 with his final occupation being a cook at the Clinton Lunch Room.[3]  At this time Charles lived at 130 East 6th street and from this last known residence Charles fades from the area’s documents and his consequent whereabouts remain unknown.[4]

Names associated with this surname:

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