Building Restoration
2006 Fire & Stabilization
Fire & Stabilization Photos - 2006
On May 4th of 2006 at about 2 PM, the building at 201 W 4th Street suffered a fire that was determined to have started by a faulty light switch in the back of the building. This four alarm fire caused a major disturbance in the west side of town, particularly because of having to cut power to the west side of the town because of the power lines that ran beside the building. Read a report here. (Note: the address is wrong in the report. The fire was at 4th and Pine.) The fire itself caused major damage, but also smoke and water caused additional damage the entire building as well.
Electrical Fire Damage Photos
SE corner (back porch).
SE corner (back porch).
South end (back porch).
SW roof.
SW corner.
East side from the NE.
Front peak close up.
Front window.
Attic, near the back.
Attic, near the back.
Stabilization of Building After Fire Photos
Southeast corner.
South end. (The back porch lean-to was removed.)
South end.
Southwest corner.
Second floor looking north.
North gable end.
Roof (notice the old gas pipe along ridge).
Second floor looking south.
Second floor.
First floor.
First floor.
First floor.
First floor.

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