Building Restoration
Exterior Restoration
With two separate grants from the Colorado State Historical Fund, the exterior and interior were restored separately. The process of the structural restoration involved stabilizing the building with the original full dimensional lumber, fixing original builder errors, and restoring the original configuration of doors and windows.
Exterior Restoration Process Photos - 2007
In process.
New ridge beam.
Starting rafters.
Starting rafters.
Completing rafters.
Completing rafters.
Structural repairs to the scissor trusses.
Some of the original rafters could be saved, but most had to be replaced.
Coming along!"
Roof being installed. The roof has cedar shakes.
The walls being lined with board.
Windows similar to historical photos installed.
Finished siding, windows, and roof.
Finished Exterior Restoration Photos - 2007
Exterior finished! Northeast corner.
Exterior finished! North, front side.
Exterior finished! Northwest corner.
Exterior finished! Southwest corner.
Exterior finished! South, back end.
Exterior finished! Southeast corner.
Exterior finished! Southeast corner.
Exterior finished! East side.
French Drains Photos with A Discovery!
While digging French drains...
...around the building, we discovered...
...something quite unexpected! We found... original star of David in the ground! We reassembled and stabilized it.

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