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Maps (by Year)

We are working on a map project that records the locations by year of residences, businesses, and other relevant information of Leadville Jews. Each map shows one year, and the comparison of each yearly map shows a general progression of where Leadville Jews lived and worked. These maps provide another level of understanding by cross referencing our researched information in a more interactove format.

Note: These maps are continually being updated to adjust and correct information. If you happen to find any obvious errors, we might already know about them, but please let us know if you wish!

Gold buttons are active maps, while gray buttons are still in development and not yet available.

The Maps (by year)

Publication of Leadville's city directories ceased after 1918. Therefore, the data included in these maps past 1918 come from historic newspapers, US Census data, and whatever other reliable sources available after 1918. Also, businesses on these maps might be ommited for the same limited sources of data.

Example of Maps (1882)
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Synagogues & Hebrew Cemetery
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Jewish Households
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Jewish Owned Businesses

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