This website includes the varied and extensive research conducted into the history of the Jewish community in Leadville, Colorado. Through this website, the Temple Israel Foundation would like to make available the results of these efforts for anyone who might find interest and use in it.


This site has several main sections: the Temple Israel building; the Hebrew Cemetery;  the museum; and the family biographies. The biographies were created to meet the many requests for genealogical information and to illustrate the fabric of daily life in Leadville.  Not all surnames have biographies available yet, but as we do more research, we will add the results to the site.


This site contains many downloads (as PDFs or jpegs) on various pages. Please feel free to explore and download these resources.


The Foundation is also available to respond to questions and comments and we encourage inquiries into the history and legacy of Jewish Leadville.

Temple Israel Museum


The Temple Israel Museum is open by appointment until mid May, 2017, after which we will be open daily through October, 2017. We encourage interested visitors to contact us at 303.709.7050 or to schedule a visit.

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Temple Israel Museum

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Hebrew Cemetery

Within Evergreen Cemetery

North end of James Street, Leadville

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