Temple Israel
Jewry in Leadville

Fellowship and interaction with one another was important, both in formal and informal ways. While no known records exists to indicate what synagogue attendance was like, Leadville Jews were very active in secular Jewish organizations. These secular Jewish organizations include the Hebrew Benevolent Association, Hebrew Ladies’ Benevolent Society, and a Hebrew school. Many of these Jewish organizations were focused on charity. For example, the Hebrew Ladies’ Benevolent Society, which was established in 1879, had about forty members and provided charitable assistance to local residents regardless of religious affiliation. The Hebrew Benevolent Association of Leadville was established in 1879 and buried the dead, cared for the sick and orphaned, and provided aid to those in need. The Hebrew school was established in 1882 and held annual picnics. Leadville even had a chapter of B’nai B’rith, established in 1879, but was forced to dissolve in 1881 for being “neglectful of its obligations” [Breck 1960: 129].

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