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This list of surname biographies is a continual work in progress. As more surnames are researched and biographies written, they will be added to this page. The information contained in these biographies was obtained from a variety of sources both physical and online.

At this time, we do not recommend viewing these biographies on mobile devices.

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The information contained in these biographies was obtained at least from some of the following physical and online sources:
  • United States census records
    Indexed by Nancy Manly without whom this work would have been nearly impossible
  • Leadville city directories (1879 through 1918, inclusive)
  • Multiple Leadville newspapers available through History Colorado's digital collection
  • Don L. and Jean Harvey Griswold's book History of Leadville and Lake County, Colorado
  • Lake County marriage and cemetery records
    Arranged by Nancy Manly
  • Ida Libert Uchill's book Pioneers, Peddlers, and Tsadikim
  • Allen duPont Breck's book The Centennial History of the Jews of Colorado
  • Contributions from descendants and friends
  • Hebrew Cemetery gravestones in Leadville, Colorado
  • Telephone books (1919 and later)

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