Temple Israel
Annual Hebrew Cemetery Cleanup
2022 Temple Israel Leadville Weekend

June 18 & 19, 2022
About the Weekend
Many decide to come up to Leadville on Friday to beat traffic but also to enjoy the Leadville evening by the start of Shabbat. The annual Cleanup Weekend schedule includes a Shabbat service at Temple Israel Saturday morning at about 10:00 AM with an oneg Shabbat after the services. Saturday afternoon is time for yourself to explore Leadville and the surrounding landscapes. Volunteers are encouraged to visit Leadville attractions, like the National Mining Museum, the Healy House, the Heritage Museum, or to take a driving or walking tour of the historic mining district on the east side of Leadville. The group convenes Sunday morning at about 9:00 AM at the Hebrew Cemetery for a light breakfast before working in the cemetery. Lunch is served after the cleanup and after a brief memorial service.
History of the Event
After the Temple Israel Foundation’s acquisition of the Hebrew Cemetery in 1993, restoration of the cemetery became the primary objective after nearly seven decades of neglect. The first several years were dedicated to clearing massive overgrowth, reestablishing a perimeter fence with arch, identifying graves, and replacing missing markers. B’nai B’rith Denver’s considerable volunteer and financial support accomplished all of the goals. From the beginning, Temple Israel has hosted annual “cleanup” weekends at the end of June to repair damage inflicted by Leadville’s harsh winters. These productive, meaningful, and engaging weekends still continue well into the 21st century.
General Schedule of Activities*
(*Schedule is subject to change)
On your own time
  • Many choose to come up Friday ahead of Shabbat for personal time
  • June sunsets are magnificent at Turquoise Lake
10:00 AM - Noon
  • Shabbat service at Temple Israel
  • Oneg Shabbat held outside of the building after services
  • Afternoon on your own for sightseeing, personal activities, etc
9:00 AM - Noon (or usually later)
  • Light breakfast at the Hebrew Cemetery
  • Cleanup activities at the Hebrew Cemetery
  • Short memorial service at completion of cleanup
  • Lunch at the Hebrew Cemetery
2017 Video of the Hebrew Cemetery Cleanup
Video recorded, produced, and edited by RG de Stolfe, 2017.

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