Temple Israel
Museum Formation
Museum Formation - 2012
The museum started as just a merchandise display case containing various artifacts collected by the Director over the course of several decades. Starting in 2012, the process started of formalizing the museum aspect of Temple Israel. The artifacts were organized, cataloged, and marked with select numbers according to standard museum practices. Through the process, we gained our first permanent exhibition with the title: Frontier Jewish Leadville. Click on the thumbnails to view larger.
Museum Dedication - September 24, 2012
By the start of fall in 2012, the museum, along with its first permanent exhibition, was ready. To kick it off, a special opening dedication was on Monday, September 24, 2012. Click on the thumbnails to view larger.
Back Unit Addition
Today, the back of the Temple Israel building has a sizable addition added after the fire in 2006. The original building from 1884 did not have any additions off the back of the building. A leanto was added sometime after the building was sold in the early 20th Century. This leanto remained until after the fire. As part of the eventual restoration of the synagogue, an addition was planned off the back of the building for several reasons. The main use of the addition is as a small apartment on two floors for the eventual use by a museum professional for that point when the museum aspect would start development. But the addition also includes a secondary means of egress with a hallway and a back door. This also allowed for a handicap bathroom for visitor use. A small kitchen provides prep space for potential building activities as well as for use by the museum professional staying in the apartment. The addition also includes a basement for convenient placement of utilities in newer construction. The addition is slightly smaller than the gable end of the original building which makes blending it in much easier and without changing the sightlines of the original building. Part of the leanto of that 20th Century addition is also replicated.

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