Temple Israel
Artifact Details

Date Range: 1884
Dimensions (x:y:z): About 44 long, true 6 x 4
Association: Temple Israel
Object Number: 1992.01.003

Museum Nomenclature

Category: Built Environment Artifacts
Classification: Building Components, Supporting Elements
Object Name: Purlin

Object Description

This piece of an originally longer purlin is true dimensional lumber of wood 4x6 (actually 4 by 6) The original end is notched to fit in the scissor truss. The one narrower face is painted blue and has the original painted stars on them.

Object Use

These purlins were notched on the ends to be embedded into the scissor trusses to provide support, but also equal spacing of the trusses. There was only one purlin spanning the length of the building on each roof side.

Keywords: All, Building,

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