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Artifact Details
Souvenir Spoon

Object Details

Object Date: 1881-1893
Object Year: 1881-1893
Dimensions (x-y-z): 5.5" l x 1.125" w
Object Number: 2009.11.001

Museum Nomenclature

Category: Communication Artifacts
Classification: Documentary Objects, Memorabilia
Object Name: Spoon, Souvenir

Object Description

Souvenir spoon of engraved sterling silver with the text, ?Leadville" on the spoon and ?Colorado" on the handle. The back has imprinted ?Sterling" with a shield and has imprinted nearby ?Davies"

Surname Association

Surname: Davies
Biography: http://www.jewishleadville.org/davies.html

Keywords: All, Businesses, Town, Souvenirs,

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