At the turn of the 19th century there were two men named Ballin, presumably brothers, living in Leadville. The first to arrive, Max, appeared in 1897 residing at 303 Harrison Avenue and sharing a medical practice with Dr. David Heimberger. 1898 brought Siegfried F. to town and Max remained with a solo practice in rooms 6 & 7 at the old address, 303 Harrison Avenue, where he would stay until his sojourn in Leadville ended in 1901.


Shortly before leaving, however, he took his chance at matrimonial bliss and married Carrie Leppel, a teacher at the 9th Street School, on July 10 of that year. It is also known that Dr.

Max was a man of some respect as he was president of the Turn Verein Society, an athletic and social organization of German origin, in 1899.


Siegfried and Fannie Ballin lived at 224 East 9th Street from 1898, the year of their marriage, until 1902. From 1899 until 1901 Siegfried was a bookkeeper for Schayer Mercantile at 521 Harrison Avenue. By 1902 he had acquired the business and operated it as S.F. Ballin & Co., in conjunction with Jesse Bloomfield, selling wholesale liquors and cigars at the same address.

1/2 Gallon Whiskey Jug

S. F. Ballin & Co., 521 Harrison Avenue, Leadville, Colorado from 1902.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Max Ballin
  • Siegfried F. Ballin
  • Carrie (Leppel) Ballin
  • Fannie Ballin
  • Bertha E. Ballin

Bertha Ballin

Late in 1901 the following obituary appeared:


Ballin, Bertha E., 1, December 11, 1901

Bertha, the young daughter and only child of Mr. and Mrs. S. F. Ballin, died after she was stricken with pneumonia. The funeral took place from the residence.

The unhappy parents laid Bertha, born on January 13, 1900, to rest in the Hebrew Cemetery (Block C, Lot 6, Grave 7).


There is no mention of the Ballin family in Leadville records after 1902.



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