Barnett (or Barnet, Bennett, Bonnett, Barnette)

Henry and Sarah R. Barnett (sometimes Barnet, Bennett, Bonnett, or Barnette), widow of Levi Hyman, appear as a blended family beginning in 1898 living at 115 East 3rd Street, a legacy of Sarah’s first marriage (curiously, an Ed Barnett lived at 113 East 3rd Street during 1895, the year before Levi died) . They were joined by their children Andre Barnett and Henry H., Mary, David and Sophie (all Hymans). Cited in the Census of 1910, Henry, then 75, reported himself as an immigrant from “Polish Russia” in 1877 and later naturalized.

Henry was engaged as a saloon keeper in 1900 and as a tailor in 1910. Andre also found work in a saloon and Mary was a domestic for a time. Andre introduced Mrs. Rebecca Barnett to the household in 1906. According to the city directories, she remained there until at least until 1918 while Andre drops from the listing after 1913.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Henry Barnett
  • Sarah R. (Hyman) Barnett
  • Andre Barnett
  • Rebecca Barnett
  • Henry H. Hyman
  • Mary Hyman
  • David Hyman
  • Sophie Hyman

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