Samuel Robert Berger

Born: 1878

Born in Russia

Immigrated: 1890

Died: ?

Married to Stella Hecht: 1906-1907

Married to Pearl Miller: 1911 - ?

Occupation: Optometrist


Stella (Hecht) Berger

Born: 1884

Born in Buena Vista

Died: 1907

Married to S. R. Berger: 1906 – 1907


Pearl (Miller) Berger

Born: 1888

Born in Pennsylvania

Died: ?

Married to S. R. Berger: 1911 - ?


Irene Stella Berger

Born: 1907

Born in Colorado

Died: 1935

Daughter of Samuel and Stella


Elinor Rae Berger

Born: Nov. 1914

Born in Colorado

Died: Jan. 1915

Daughter of Samuel and Pearl


Dr. Samuel Roberts Berger was born in Russia in 1878. Both of Berger’s parents were also from Russia. Berger immigrated to the United States in 1890 when he was 12 years old.[1] He eventually became an optometrist and moved to Denver by 1905. On October 22nd 1905 Berger visited Leadville and was entertained by Miss Stella Hecht.[2] She was the daughter of Solomon and Fannie Hecht. The Hechts were a successful business family in Leadville. Just a few months later in January 1906 Berger and Stella Hecht were married.[3]


Mr. and Mrs. Berger had one child, Irene Stella, in March 1907. After the birth, Mrs. Berger’s condition quickly deteriorated and she died of fever three weeks later.[4] However, Irene Stella survived her mother’s demise.


After the death of his wife, Berger continued to live in Leadville practicing optometry. From 1906 to 1908 Berger lived at 115 E 8th St.[5] Then from 1909 to 1911 he and Irene Stella lived at 143 W 7th St. with Solomon and Fannie Hecht, his late wife’s parents.[6] Life took another turn in 1911 when Berger married Pearl Miller. Berger’s new wife was the daughter of Nathan and Minnie Miller, two other prominent residences of Leadville.

After his marriage to Pearl, the Bergers moved to 141 E 8th St. and lived there from 1912 to 1913.[7] Shortly afterwards the Bergers left Leadville to move to Grand Junction. Early in 1914 Pearl Berger gave birth to Thelma.[8] In November, 1914, the Bergers gave birth to another child, Elinor Rae Berger. Sadly she would only survive a mere ten weeks. Elinor Rae perished in January, 1915.[9] Lastly the Bergers also had a son, E. Stanley in 1918.[10]


Although Samuel Berger lived in Grand Junction, his daughter from his first marriage, Irene Stella, is listed as living in Leadville with Solomon and Fannie Hecht in the 1920 census.[11] Unfortunately, Irene Stella died young and passed away in December 1932.[12] Berger continued to be active in Grand Junction until at least 1943.[13] He traveled across the Western Slope visiting towns such as Leadville and offering his services as an optometrist. In the 1940 census Berger is listed as living in Grand

Junction with his wife Pearl and their two children, Thelma and Stanley.[14] It is not clear when he, his wife, and their remaining children passed away.


Names associated with this surname:

  • Samuel Robert Berger
  • Stella (Hecht) Berger
  • Pearl (Miller) Berger
  • Irene Stella Berger
  • Elinor Rae Berger
  • E. Stanley Berger
  • Solomon Hecht
  • Fannie Hecht
  • Nathan Miller
  • Minnie Miller
  • Thelma Berger
  • Stanley Berger

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