Levi Block

Born 1862

Born in Missouri

Parents from Germany

Married to Celia Pelta 1887

Dry Goods Merchant


Celia Block (Pelta)

Born 1871

Born in New York

Parents from New Jersey

Married to Levi Block 1887


Myrtle Block

Born 1889

Born in Buena Vista, Colorado



Darwin Block

Born 1893

Born in Buena Vista, Colorado


Levi Block was a successful dry goods merchant active in Buena Vista and Colorado from the mid 1880s to the early 1900s.  Levi was born in 1862 in Missouri, his parents were immigrants from Germany.[1]   In 1887, while he was living in Buena Vista, Levi married Celia Pelta.[2]   She was born in 1871 in New York, both of her parents were from New Jersey.  The Blocks had two children, Myrtle and Darwin, born in 1889 and 1893 respectively.[3]   In 1898, the Blocks moved to Leadville from Buena Vista.[4]


Levi’s store first appears in the Leadville city directories in 1898.[5]   Initially it was located at 610 Harrison Avenue until 1912 when it moved to 423 Harrison Avenue.  The store ceases to be listed after 1913 and it appears they closed their business.[6]

From 1899 to 1902 the Block family resided at 218 East 9th Street.  In 1903, they moved to 220 East 9th Street, where they remained until 1906.  The family briefly lived at 100 West 9th Street in 1907 and 127 W 4th Street during 1908.  The next year the family moved to 224 East 9th Street where they remained until 1913.  Darwin Block is listed in the 1914 directory residing at 222 East 9th Street.[7]

Names associated with this surname:

  • Levi Block
  • Celia (Pelta) Block
  • Myrtle Block
  • Darwin Block

The Block family was quite involved in Leadville’s social life.  Levi frequently appears in the city newspapers contributing funds to different events and charities.  A 1900 article during May, lists Levi as an enthusiastic supporter of the city’s planned Fourth of July Celebrations.[8]   In June of that year, Levi donated some cloth to be turned into clothing for children.[9]   Celia also had her own activities and is listed hosting the weekly whist club at her home.[10]   Myrtle was the most involved member of her family in Leadville society.  She frequently appeared performing at various musical events.  She was an experienced pianist.[11]   In 1909, Myrtle played the organ at Temple Israel’s Yom Kippur service.[12]   During 1910, Myrtle was the president of the J. S. C. society and hosted a meeting in her home.[13]   In 1913, Myrtle also hosted a luncheon for her music class.[14]

The Block business does not appear after the 1913 City Directory, but Darwin does appear in 1914 working as a clerk for Muller Mercantile Company.[15]   After 1914, none of the Blocks appear in any of the Leadville records and it is unclear where they moved.

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