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Daniel Einstein
Born: June 14, 1857 (Lauphiem, Württemburg)
Died: Unknown
Married to: Unknown

Daniel Einstein had a brief but timely presence in Leadville. He lived in the new city during the height of population, bustle, and investment from 1881 to 1882. A series of six passport applications archived from 1902 to 1920 provided valuable history for this otherwise obscure individual. Daniel was born in Lauphiem, Württemberg, which at the time was a large Jewish center in the southern German principality. The year before Daniel was born, 22% of the population were surveyed as Jewish. [1] Like many of his generation’s compatriots, Daniel immigrated to the United States in his late teenage years. He sailed from Hamburg on the ship Pomerania and arrived in New York harbor in May of 1874. [2] He was naturalized only five years after his arrival in New York. [3] Existing records do not reveal his occupation during his time in New York, but his profession would evolve into sales and marketing in his later life.

Daniel Einstein from his 1916 passport application.

Daniel Einstein from his 1916 passport application.

Courtesy Selected Passports. National Archives, Washington, D.C. accessed from ancestry.com

Leadville was a burgeoning city by 1880 and Daniel made his way west following tales of fortunes to be made in the mountains. He arrived in the Carbonate city by 1881 and secured employment at an important Jewish run clothing store on Harrison Avenue known as Monheimer Bros. Men’s Furnishings. [4] This store was well patronized with a prime location at the southwest corner of 4th and Harrison. During 1881 he lived at 141 West 6th Street [5] and in 1882 he lived at 321 West 4th Street. The west 4th Street house was also the home of Charles and Josie Jenkins, a brother and sister pair of clerks also employed at the Monheimer store. [6] As is the case today, housing was often tied to the workplace, either directly among co-workers or sometimes supplied by employers.

In October of 1882, he was employed at Dan Golding’s Diamond emporium and served as a clerk or salesman at that establishment. In September of that year the store was relocated from 112 Harrison Avenue to 324 Harrison Avenue and Daniel was present for a grand re-opening party. Daniel was described by a Daily Herald reporter as confident in his role in the new diamond store. The reporter elaborated: “At the next case stood Mr. Dan Einstein, who was most captivating in his appearance, and who held the patronage of the ladies until they were elbowed out of the way by the later arrivals…” [7]

He later moved to San Francisco and was located there in 1900. [8] By 1902 he had begun doing business in Europe and spent a considerable amount of time before and after the First World War traveling between Switzerland, Austria, and the United States.

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