Reuben Fogel

Born: 1850

Born in Cincinnati

Arrived in Leadville in 1881

Occupation: Miner, Mine Owner, Businessman


Kate Fogel

(Maiden name Miller, known as Danni to her family) [1]

Born: 1862

Born in Pennsylvania

(possibly of Irish Descent) [2]

Died 1957


Moe Fogel

Born: 1890

Born in Ohio

Died circa 1992-1993[3]


John Fogel

Born: Jan. 1893

Born in Leadville

Died: Feb. 1893


Marguerite (Fogel) Richmond

Born: 1893

Born in Leadvile

Died 1980 [4]


Leo Fogel

Born: 1898

Born in Leadville

Died 1974 [5]

Reuben Fogel was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1850. [6]  His parents John and Mathilda were from Alsace-Lorraine, France. [7]  Reuben Fogel had several siblings, Lewis, Immanuel, Leo, Ray, Jennie, Millie, Sophie, and Katie.[8]  Fogel married Kate Miller who was born in Pennsylvania in 1862.[9]   The date of their marriage is unknown.  Their first son, Moe, was born in 1890 in Ohio. [10]  Marguerite was born in Leadville during 1893.[11]   Incidentally, she was born on the same day that electricity was installed in the family house.[12]   They also had a second son, Leo, in 1898 who was born in Leadville.[13]   It appears that the Fogels had yet another child named John in January, 1893.  He lived only a few weeks and was buried in the Leadville Hebrew Cemetery.[14]  (The Fogels had to wait until spring to bury him, since the ground was frozen. His grave is not marked.)[15]


Reuben Fogel arrived in Leadville in 1881.  He is listed as a miner in the 1882 City Directory and was superintendent and vice president[16]  of the Goldfield Consolidated Mining Company at 321 Harrison Ave.[17]   Fogel was active as a miner but also came to operate his own mine, the Valley, in  1882 with J. J. Hill.[18]   Fogel also had shares in the Forest Rose and Dispute mining claims.[19]   In addition to being involved in the mining industry, Reuben worked for the Palace of Fashion department store in 1891.[20]  Subsequently he opened his own business in 1892: the American Jewelry Company.[21]   The American Jewelry Co. was located at 413 Harrison Ave.  After 1892 the Fogels lived at 213 E. 8th St. until 1903.[22]

Names associated with this surname:

  • Reuben Fogel
  • Kate (Miller) Fogel
  • Moe Fogel
  • John Fogel
  • Marguerite (Fogel) Richmond
  • Leo Fogel

Reuben Fogel

Reuben Fogel had his office in the second floor of the Monheimer Brothers Building at 321 Harrison Avenue.

Reuben Fogel studio portrait


Reuben Fogel in a bank


Reuben Fogel at the Ibex Mine

July 1909

American Jewelry Company interior, 413 Harrison Avenue, Ruben Fogel on the left

John Fogel store front

While working with his fellow businessmen, Fogel took several trips back East looking for capital investments for Leadville’s economy since the city was desperately working to recover from the 1893 silver crash.[23]   Fogel also had his share of excitement in Leadville, in 1900 he came into conflict with a suspected burglar at his home.  The following article from the Herald Democrat explains the amusing situation,

“Considerable excitement was caused on East Eighth street about 4 o’clock yesterday morning by what was thought to be an attempted burglary of the house of Mr. R. Fogel, No. 213.  The first intimation of anyone in the house had that anything was wrong about the premises, was an endeavor by someone outside to open the door which awakened Mr. Fogel’s daughter.  Next an endeavor was made to open a window which also proved fruitless, but Mr. Fogel had now armed himself with a revolver and, still attired in his night robes, appeared like a phantom before the eyes of the would-be house breaker.  In spite of a command to halt, the intruder made for the back gate as fast as his legs would carry him.

Not wishing to let the fellow, who he thought probably to be a dangerous criminal, escape.  Mr. Fogel opened fire with his revolver at the flying form.  It now began to get pretty hot for the intruder, and probably thinking of the old saying, “any port in a storm,” if he thought at all, he took refuge in an outbuilding. In the meantime the shots had aroused the neighbors and Ike Hoffman came to the aid of Mr. Fogel who had his game effectually “treed” and was standing guard in his ghost like attire.  Horrible groans were coming from the interior of the building but the door was held shut on the inside.  It was not until the besiegers threatened to shoot through the door that the garrison surrendered and opened the door.  He had not been hit but probably wished Fogel to go for a doctor that he might escape.

While Mr. Fogel with his smoking gun in his hand stood guard over his prisoner, Hoffman went for an officer and soon returned with Public Protector Bergman to whom the prisoner was delivered.  At the jail he was booked “for safe keeping,” but as he told a very straight story to the officers yesterday, about thinking he was at a different house, was entirely without weapons and has ever born a good reputation he will probably not be prosecuted.  His mistake was probably caused by a too free indulgence of his appetite for ardent liquors.”

When he wasn’t defending his home from confused drunks Reuben Fogel was highly active in Leadville’s business society and used his affluent position to safeguard the business interests of his peers.  In 1901 Fogel was involved in a civil action against a team of deceptive businessman.  The Herald Democrat reported that a jeweler and an auctioneer were caught selling false commodities to their customers.  “Reuben Fogel represented the merchants and the complaining purchasers in the hearing.”[24]   The City Council decided to revoke the auctioning license of the jeweler and the auctioneer.

Mrs. Fogel was also active in Leadville society.  Kate was a Sunday school teacher for the Temple Israel Synagogue in Leadville.  In 1893 she is noted in the Herald Democrat, as one of the teachers at the synagogue who helped prepare celebrations for Chanuka.[25]   Kate was a member of the Womens’ Club in Leadville, and won a “cut glass vinaigrette” at a Hearts card game tournament.[26]   The Fogel’s daughter, Margurite participated in Leadville’s Jewish society by attending the Sunday school at Temple Israel.[27]


In 1903 Fogel and his family moved to Santa Monica, California.  Despite the move, Fogel continued to be heavily involved in Leadville affairs.  He frequently returned to Leadville to check on his jewelry business and his stake in the Valley Mine.  In 1913 Fogel sold the remaining half of his business to Frank Simmons, (a partner in business since 1903) [28]  and finally left Leadville to permanently reside in Santa Monica with his family.[29]

On October 29, 1918, mystery and disaster struck when Reuben Fogel was brutally bludgeoned to death in an unoccupied house in Los Angeles.  Newspaper accounts of the investigation reveal that Fogel was lured to the abandoned house by a supposed phone call from a destitute woman who needed to sell a bond.  The newspaper articles covering the murder described how Fogel “had consulted mediums and clairvoyants for the past 45 years…”[30]  Interestingly, Fogel was robbed of the $490 in cash but still retained his gold watch and ring. The circumstances around Fogel’s murder are murky. However, it is believed he was a victim of the Dale Gang, “… Reuben M. Fogel… [was] murder[ed] in Los Angeles by members of the Dale Jones gang of bandits, wich terrorized

Colorado Springs and Denver last fall… Los Angeles police are of the opinion they have established beyond all question the fact that Jones and his wife lured Fogel to a house in a fashionable section of Los Angeles, where they beat him to death and robbed him of $490… Jones and his wife, Margaret Cellano Jones, were killed Tuesday of last week in Arcadia… when they engaged in a revolver and rifle duel with two deputy sherrifs, one of whom was killed.”[31]  Another suspect of the murder was hung at San Quentin.[32]  These denouements revealed more probable suspects than the early speculation that Fogel was a victim of an elaborate scheme ran by a circle of mediums and psychics.[33]


After this tragedy Fogel’s family continued to live in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica area.[34]   Moe Fogel became a lawyer in Los Angeles, he was also the first city attorney of Santa Monica.[35]   Leo Fogel became a dentist in Los Angeles[36]  and, Marguerite married Charles Herbert Richmond in February, 1918.[37]

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