Guldman Family and the Golden Eagle

Leopold Guldman

Married to Bertha Guldman

Born: 1853

Born in Bavaria, Germany

Immigrated 1875

Married to Bertha (Wisconsin)


Bertha Guldman (Wisconsin)

Born: 1865

Born in Wisconsin

Married to Leopold Guldman


Helen Guldman

Born: 1886

Born in Colorado



Orninee Guldman

Born: 1894

Born in Colorado


Florence Guldman

Born: 1896

Born in Colorado



Louise Guldman

Born: 1898

Born in Colorado


Max Guldman

Brother or Relative of Leopold Guldman

Born: 1868

Born in Bavaria, Germany

Married to Bertha (Illinois)


Bertha Guldman (Illinois)

Born: 1872

Born in Illinois

Married to Max

Names associated with this surname:

  • Leopold Guldman
  • Bertha Guldman
  • Helen Guldman
  • Orninee Guldman
  • Florence Guldman
  • Louise Guldman
  • Max Guldman
  • Bertha Guldman


The Guldmans were an important Jewish Colorado family who were involved in Leadville’s early economic development.  Leopold Guldman is most known for his philanthropy[1]  and his store, “The Golden Eagle.”


Leopold was born in Bavaria in 1853 and immigrated to the United States in 1875.[2]   Shortly afterwards he moved to Colorado and married Bertha (surname unknown).  Bertha was born in Wisconsin in 1865.  Leopold and Bertha had several children: Helen, Orvninee, Florence, Louise.[3]   The family moved to Denver in 1879 and Leopold subsequently started several stores in Leadville, Cripple Creek and Denver, all known as the Golden Eagle.[4]   The most successful of these enterprises would be the Denver Golden Eagle.[5]

The Leadville Golden Eagle first appears in city directories in 1886 where it remained until 1889.[6]   The Golden Eagle operated at 621 Harrison Avenue.  In its first year of existence the Golden Eagle was managed by Max Guldman.  It is possible that Max was a relative or even a brother of Leopold due to their shared last name and birthplace.  Max was born during 1868 in Bavaria, and he immigrated to the United States in 1885.[7]   Max would eventually marry Bertha (surname unknown) from Illinois, but the date of their marriage is unknown.  The 1910 census is the earliest record showing the couple married.  In 1886 Max managed Leopold’s Golden Eagle in Leadville, afterwards he relocated to Denver.[8]   Even when Max was in Denver, the Golden Eagle ran several advertisements under his name in the Herald Democrat from 1887 to 1888.[9]

From 1887 to 1889, the Golden Eagle was managed by Ezekiel Arkush.[10]   After 1889 the Golden Eagle ceased to appear in Leadville city directories.  However, a Golden Eagle advertisement in the Herald Democrat suggests it was still open in 1892.[11]   Leopold continued to live in Denver until his death in 1936.  Leopold Guldman is most known for his philanthropy benefitting the National Jewish Hospital, the Jewish Consumptive Relief Society, the Beth Israel Hospital and the Denver Jewish Community Center.[12]   Sadly, the Golden Eagle in Denver closed shortly after Leopold’s death.[13]

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