Goulder Janowitz

Immigrated: German Prussia

Children: Louis

Grandchildren: Edward and Sidney

Profession: Saloon and Shop owner, Wholesale Liquor and Cigars


Goulder Janowitz immigrated to Leadville, Colorado from German Prussia in the late-nineteenth century. Janowitz is known to be in Colorado by 1882, as the birth of his youngest son, Sidney is documented that year. The Janowitz family residence was located at 216 W 7th. Other than his role as a businessman in Leadville little is known about the Janowitz patriarch. By 1881, Goulder was in business with Sigmund Marx as a saloon owner at 315 Harrison Avenue and was also a single business owner with the founding of G. Janowitz & Co. [1] His son, Louis, was employed that year with his father at G. Janowitz & Co.


In 1884, Goulder dropped his partnership with Sigmund Marx and focused his efforts on running a wholesale liquor and cigar shop at 519 Harrison Avenue. Louis acted as the manager of the new Janowitz enterprise. The father and son worked with one another until 1900 when Louis’ sons, Edward and Sidney, who both acted as clerks for the prosperous business, joined them. The next year, Goulder expanded his business to include wine and acted a retail agent for the American Brewing Company. A few short years later, after the sons had settled into the business, Goulder formally changed his business name to G. & Sons, G.S. & E.L. [2] Goulder continues running G. & Sons until 1909 when the business is renamed as Janowitz G. Mercantile Co. [3] The last known date of Goulder in connection with Leadville is in 1915. There is no mention of his death in any of the local or statewide newspapers, so the date of his death and whereabouts of his grave are unknown.


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Louis Janowitz

Born: 1841 German Prussia

Death: November, 1918

Married: Goldie Janowitz

Children: Sidney, Edward, Helen Stella, Benjamin Aaron or Benno

Occupation: Wholesale liquor and cigar shop manager


Louis Janowitz was born in German Prussia (later census records indicate Russia) around 1851 and immigrated to Leadville by 1880. Louis lived with his family at 216 W 7th St. It is in this year that Louis is documented as working for the Pennsylvania Headquarters at 210 West street. The following year Louis’ father, Goulder Janowitz, opened G. Janowitz & Co. on 112 ½ Harrison Avenue. Louis went to work for his father as the manager of the soon-to-be lucrative wholesale liquor shop and stays on as a manager for over two decades.


During this time Louis met Goldie Janowitz. [1] Goldie was originally from Germany and born in 1852. [2] She was the Vice-President of the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society and owned a real estate business. [3] The couple married in Leadville, Colorado in the late-nineteenth century and had four children while living in Leadville. Sadly, their two youngest children, Benjamin, or Benno as he was known, and Helen Stella both died as children in Leadville. Benno lived to the age of nine and died in 1900, while Helen lived to be 15 and died in 1903. [4] Both children are buried in the Leadville Hebrew Cemetery.


Louis served as the President of the Janowitz family business until 1916, when it presumably closed. There are no further listings for the G. Janowtiz Mercantile Co. after 1916 and Louis died in 1918. [5] Sidney returned to Leadville to oversee his father’s funeral arrangements. Louis’ burial plot is in the Hebrew Cemetery at Block C, Lot 2, Grave 3. Goldie outlived Louis by a single year, and passed away in 1919, her grave is also in the Leadville Hebrew Cemetery beside Louis.


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Sidney Janowitz

Birth: 1883, Colorado

Spouse: Bertha L. Muller

Children: Melvin B. Janowitz

Occupation: Clerk


Sidney Janowitz was the youngest son of Louis Janowitz and worked as a clerk for over 10 years with his father, grandfather, Goulder Janowitz, and his brother Edward Janowitz. Sidney lived at 216 W 7th Street until 1909 when he relocated to 406 W. 7th Street. It was at this time that Sidney married Bertha L . Muller, which more than likely prompted the move from the Janowitz family home at 216 W 7th Street. [1] Muller was originally from New York and the couple only had one child. Their son, Melvin B., was born in 1912 in Leadville but shortly after Melvin’s birth Sidney moved his family to Denver. The family was firmly established in Denver by 1920 and remained there for the next few decades. The date of Sidney’s death is not known and he disappears from the census records after 1940.


1 City Directories, Lake County, Leadville, 1910.


Names associated with this surname:

  • Goulder Janowitz
  • Louis Janowitz
  • Goldie Janowitz
  • Sidney Janowitz
  • Bertha L. (Muller) Janowitz
  • Melvin B. Janowitz
  • Edward Janowitz
  • Hellen Stella Janowitz
  • Benjamin Aaron (Benno) Janowitz
  • Sigmund Marx

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