Born: Unknown

Death: June 4th, 1879

Occupation: Clothier and business owner


Gustave “Fred” Jelenko was the first Jewish citizen of Leadville to be interred in the cemetery, but he was originally buried in Kokomo, Colorado near the summit of Fremont Pass.  The Ladies’ Hebrew Society formed the Jewish Cemetery Association and worked to bring Jelenko back to Leadville.[1]   Less than a year later, in 1880, their work resulted in the creation of the Leadville Hebrew Cemetery and Jelenko was

permanently laid to rest.  Since Jelenko was one of the first pioneers of early Leadville there are minimal written records on him, but it is certain that he was a well-known business owner.[2]   Jelenko was partners with a man named Frudenfeld.  Their shop, Frudenfeld & Jelenko, which sold “Gents’ furnishing goods” and clothing, was located on “Chestnut Street near Pine Street”.[3]

Names associated with this surname:

  • Gustave “Fred” Jelenko
  • Frudenfeld

1 Allen Breck, The Centennial History of the Jews of Colorado, 1859-1959. (Denver: The Hirschfeld Press, 1960), 127.

2 Ibid, 129.

3 Leadville City Directory, 1879.

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