Emanuel Katz was employed by Adolph Schayer from 1890 until at least 1897. Beginning as a clerk, he became the bookkeeper by 1892 and during 1897 had achieved the status of secretary and treasurer of Schayer Mercantile at 315 Harrison Avenue. Jarringly, the 1898 City Directory reveals only that Emanuel was again working as a bookkeeper, but without mention of his employer. Throughout this period the upwardly mobile clerk lived close by at 311 Harrison Avenue, room 1.

Mr. Katz received some public recognition and responsibility from October 2 until December 5 of 1896 when he joined a grand jury empanelled to investigate the murder of Fireman Jerry O'Keefe and attacks on the Coronado and Emmet mines, crimes associated with labor troubles then convulsing Leadville. Katz and his colleges were picked because of their distance from these calumnies and the result was multiple indictments against some 49 men, primarily union activists.


Nathan Katz married Mary Barnett on October 21, 1906.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Emanuel Katz
  • Nathan Katz
  • Mary (Barnett) Katz

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