Solomon Levy

Birth: Approximately 1835

Death: October 27, 1982

Immigration: Unknown

Spouse: name unknown

Occupation: Jeweler/Pawnbroker/Collateral Broker


Solomon, or Sol, Levy’s arrival in Leadville occurred in approximately 1880.  Levy makes his first documented appearance in the 1880 Leadville Business Directory as a pawnbroker at the business address of 208 Harrison Avenue.[1]  Levy’s whereabouts prior to his arrival in the city is unknown.  During his time in Leadville, Levy was well known throughout the city as a collateral broker, prosperous diamond and jewelry salesman, and was also involved with mining stocks and served as the President of the Western Union Consolidated Mining Company.[2] Levy’s presence in the Leadville City Directories showcases his wide variety of economic interests in the city with each year marking a different procession.  From 1880-82, Levy is documented as a pawnbroker, fine watches, and diamond seller, and loan officer.[3]  Though Levy was involved in a multitude of ventures his primary form of business was that of a jewelry salesman at the permanent address of 208 Harrison Avenue.

The Leadville Daily Herald described Levy’s business as having, “stock [that] is probably the most select in the city, consisting of diamonds set in the most artistic styles, and loose stones, fine fifth second flyback and repeating watches from the finest makers in Geneva and Locle, Switzerland.”[4]  The Leadville Daily Herald also reported that Levy’s store “is small but one of the coziest little places in the city.”[5]


It is noted in the Leadville Daily Herald that Levy was married, but details about Mrs. Sol Levy are unknown.  She appears in a single notation that lists Mr. and Mrs. Sol Levy as among the attendants for a Mrs. I.D. Campbell’s birthday party.[6]


Levy’s time in Leadville was cut short by his death in 1882.  And as brief as his time was in the city, likewise was the Leadville Daily Herald’s acknowledgement of his interment: “The funeral of Mr. Sol Levy will take place at two o’clock this afternoon.”[7]  Levy’s body was buried in the Leadville Hebrew Cemetery and the further whereabouts of Mrs. Sol Levy are unknown.[8]

Henry Levy


Born 1846

Born in Germany


Emma Levy


Born 1856

Father from Canada

Mother from Maine


Henry Levy was a miner who lived in Leadville briefly in 1880. Henry was born in 1846 in Germany. Records are scant for Henry, but by 1880 he is listed in the U.S. Census for Leadville and was married to Emma (surname unknown). Emma was born in 1856, her exact birthplace is unknown, but her father was from Canada and her mother was from Maine.[9]  Henry is only listed in the Leadville City Directory in the year 1880, living at 220 Harrison Avenue.[10]  The census lists Henry as a miner.[11]  His brief stay in Leadville was typical for many miners during this period, when many frequently moved between boomtowns. It is not known where Henry and Emma relocated to after 1880.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Solomon Levy
  • Mrs. Solomon Levy
  • Henry Levy
  • Emma Levy
  • Judah Levy
  • Louis Levy
  • Morris Levy
  • Ralph Levy
  • Sigismund Levy

Judah Levy

Born 1863

Born in British Columbia


(Possible relative of Louis, Morris, and Ralph)


Judah Levy was born during 1863 in British Columbia, his parents had immigrated from Britain.[12]  It is not known when Judah moved to the United States, but he first appears in Leadville city directories in 1880 as a clerk for Kamak & Co.[13]  In 1880, Judah resided at 119 4th Street.[14]  In 1881, he moved to 219 West 4th Street.[15]  During October, 1881, notices appeared in the Leadville Daily Herald mentioning the birthday party of Judah. “A party in honor of the birthday of Charles J. Loeb and Judah J. Levy will be given at 210 West Seventh street this evening. A large number of invitations have been issued, and as both young people are popular favorites in society circles, a large and brilliant assemblage may be looked for, and no efforts will be spared to make everything as pleasant as possible.”[16]

Charles was a member of the Loebs, a prominent Jewish family in Leadville. In 1882 Judah worked for the Fornias as a clerk. He also moved residences to 210 West 4th Street.[17]  In 1883, a J. J. Levy is listed as working for driver for Troy Laundry, and resides at 113 East Chestnut.[18]  In 1881 and 1882, Judah resided with Louis, Morris, and Ralph Levy.[19]  It is possible that Judah, Louis, Morris, and Ralph were relatives. In the 1884 Leadville City Directory, there is a Jude Levy who works as a clerk and resides at 302 West 5th Street.[20]  However, due to the slightly different names, it is not certain that the 1883 and 1884 entries in the city directories are referring to Judah Levy. After 1882, Judah ceases to appear for certain in Leadville records.

Louis Levy

(Possible relative of Judah, Morris, and Ralph)


There are no census records pertaining to Louis Levy in Leadville. However, he first appears in city directories in 1880. In 1881 and 1882, Louis lived with Judah, Morris, and Ralph Levy. It is possible this group of men were relatives or even brothers though there are no Leadville census records supporting this. In 1880 and 1881, Louis resided at 219 West 4th Street and worked as an auctioneer. Morris also lived with Louis in 1880. In 1882, Louis moved to 210 West 4th Street. In 1883, he lived at 206 West 5th Street. Louis was always listed as an auctioneer. 1883 is the last mention of Louis in the city directories. It is unknown where Louis moved after 1883.[21]

Morris Levy

(Possible relative of Judah, Louis, and Ralph)


Morris Levy only appears in Leadville city directories, and there is no mention of him in census records or newspapers. Morris first appears in 1880 when he lived at 219 West 4th street with Louis Levy. In 1880, Morris worked as a clerk. Morris lived with Louis, Judah, and Ralph from 1881 to 1882 and its possible this group was related. In 1881 and 1882 Morris is listed as a musician in the city directory. During 1882 Morris moved to 210 West 4th Street. After 1882, Morris ceases to appear in Leadville records.[22]

Ralph Levy

(Possible relative of Judah, Louis, and Morris)


Ralph Levy only appears in Leadville city directories, and has no appearances in newspapers or census records. Ralph is a possible relative of Judah, Louis, and Morris Levy, as they all lived together from 1881 to 1882. Ralph first appears in the city directories in 1881 as a clerk for J.H. Heron. During 1881, he lived at 219 West 4th Street. In 1882, Ralph moved to 210 West 4th Street. In 1882, Ralph worked as a clerk for Heil and Hoelke. Ralph disappears from the directory in 1883, but reappears in 1884 working as a jeweler at 302 West 5th Street. In 1884, he is also listed as living with Jude Levy, possibly Judah. Ralph next appears in 1886 as a barber at 126 West 4th Street.[23]

Sigismund Levy


Sigismund does not appear in Leadville census records. However, he does appear in the 1880 Leadville City Directory working as a clerk for M.J. Waldheimer, a prominent Jewish lawyer in Leadville.[24]  1884 is the only date Sigismund appears in Leadville records.

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