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Max Lewis
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Married to: Unknown
In Leadville: 1888

Max Lewis was identified as involved in an unnamed dry goods business in the 1888 Leadville City Directory. He was a resident of 113½ East 4th Street that year. [1] Max did not appear in previous or subsequent city directories.

Max was listed as an attendee of a meeting of a Jewish group which called themselves “Bicher Cholum” in September of 1888. [2] The meeting took place at the residence of Jewish shopkeeper and merchant Abraham Isaacs. [3] This organization was likely a precursor to the Orthodox Synagogue Knesseth which opened its doors on East 5th Street 4 years later. His movements before and after Leadville, business name, exact role in the dry goods business, and his origin were not found by this researcher.

1 1888 Leadville City Directory p. 169
2 “A Delightful Reception” Leadville Daily/Evening Chronicle, September 11, 1888 p. 4
3 For more information on the Isaacs see http://jewishleadville.org/isaacs.html



Ballenger, JH and Richards. “Ballenger & Richard’s Ninth Annual City Directory: Containing A Complete List Of The Inhabitants, Institutions, Incorporated Companies, Manufacturing Establishments, Business, Business Firms Etc. In The City Of Leadville For 1888”. Corbet and Ballenger and Richards Publishers. 1888.


Leadville Daily/Evening Chronicle


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