Edward Nathan

Immigration: England, unknown

Occupation: Dry goods

Siblings: Abraham (Abe) and Nathaniel (Nat)

Spouse: Mrs. Ed(ward) Nathan

Also: Louis


Edward arrived with his brothers, Abe and Nat, in Leadville in 1879.[1]   At the time of the Nathan brother’s arrival in the city Edward was approximately 25 years old, Abe and Nat were 21 and 27 years old respectively.[2]   The Nathan brothers promptly set up a dry goods shop under the name of Nathan Bros. and the business was located on Harrison Avenue, between State and Main Street.[3]   Though the name of the shop indicated that it was, indeed a family run business not all of the brothers owned a share of Nathan Bros.  Edward and Nat were named co-owners of the shop while Abe served as their clerk.

Where the brothers initially resided is unknown, but the 1880 city directory listed the Nathans as living at 208 West 7th Street[4]  while their shop had made the move to 219 Harrison Avenue.[5]   In 1882, Edward met and married an unknown woman who is simply listed or referred to within the city’s periodicals as Mrs. Ed Nathan.[6]   The couple moved to 127 West 7th Street while Abe and Nat stayed at the brothers’ original residence.[7]   However, the next year Louis and Abe moved to 427 Harrison Avenue[8]  and remained here for a year until their last move to 313 Harrison Avenue.[9]

From 1882 to 1885, the Nathan Bros. dry goods business was located at 219 Harrison Avenue until 1885, which is the last year that the business is listed within the city directory.  In 1886, Edward and Abe no longer reside in the city and the only clues to where Edward and his family went after leaving Leadville are the mentions of a second residence and the birth of a son in Denver.[10]   Any whereabouts for the Nathan family after 1886 are unknown.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Edward Nathan
  • Abraham Nathan
  • Nathaniel Nathan
  • Mrs. Edward Nathan
  • Louis Nathan
  • Joseph Nathan

Louis Nathan

Occupation: Clerk


In 1885, a Louis Nathan appears in the city directory as a clerk for the Nathan brothers[11]  but he only is employed for a year before moving on to be a clerk for another Jewish business owner, Sam Rich.[12]   In 1885, Louis resided at 313 Harrison Avenue[13] and the next year moved to 208 West 7th Street, an address formerly occupied by the Nathan brothers.  Louis’ time in the city is only documented by the city directory and is from 1885-1886.  Whether Louis was a part of the Nathan brothers’ family or not is unknown, but his connection to the family is highly possible given his initial employment, shared addresses and the years in which they resided in the city.

Joseph Nathan

Born: New York, 1864

Occupation: Clothier


Joseph Nathan was born in New York in approximately 1864.[14]   Nathan’s whereabouts prior to his arrival in Leadville are unknown, but he is working and living in the city by 1885.  Nathan is listed as living as a boarder at the address of 115 East 5th Street and is reported by the 1885 city directory as being employed as a clothier.[15]   Nathan only appears in the city directories in 1885 and there are no other known recorded documents on his presence in the city.  Nathan’s departure from the city is unknown.

Abraham Nathan

Birth: Approximately 1839

Death: February 17, 1888


Occupation: Cigar Seller


Abram Nathan immigrated to Leadville in approximately 1878.[16]   The date of his migration to the United States is unknown and Nathan is listed as immigrating from Grand Dutchess (? of Germany/Austria?). [17]  Upon arriving in Leadville, Abram Nathan set up a tobacco and cigar shop at 102 East Chestnut Street.[18]   Nathan also lived at this same address but only occupied the 102 East Chestnut address for a single year. In 1881, Nathan moved his shop and residence to 102 Harrison Avenue.[19]   Nathan continued to live and work at this address until his death in 1888.

Though there was another prominent family of Nathan’s living in Leadville at the same time as Abram, the two are not related. Regarding Nathan’s social presence in the city, the Leadville Daily/Evening Chronicle labeled Nathan as a “a hermit” and a “confirmed recluse.”[20]   Given this personality trait, Nathan was not one to attend social gatherings of any sort and his presence in the city’s business directory and the single article reporting his death serve as his only written records in Leadville.  No family could be contacted when Nathan passed away and nothing was discovered about the cigar seller’s life prior to arriving in Leadville save for a friend in Brooklyn, New York and a few masonic tokens.[21]   Nathan was interred in the Leadville Hebrew Cemetery and any extended family’s whereabouts remain unknown.[22]

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