D. L. Rachofsky

Occupation: Merchant

Immigration Date: 1878

Birthplace: Poland

Death: ?

D. L. Rachofsky was a merchant in Leadville in the early 1880s.  His brother, Abraham Rachofsky, arrived in the United States with his uncle in 1865. [1] After some time, Abraham established himself as a successful merchant in Central City.  In 1878, Rachofsky immigrated to the United States with his brothers and together they settled in Colorado.  Abraham, who was already living in Central City, included them in his business ventures.  Within a couple of years, the brothers set up businesses in several locations in Colorado. [2] D. L. Rachofsky decided to set up a merchandise business in Leadville.

In 1892, Rachofsky was an original officer of the Orthodox Kneseth Israel congregation in Leadville. [3] Further details pertaining to D. L. Rachofsky’s life has not been identified.

Names associated with this surname:

  • D. L. Rachofsky
  • Abraham Rachofsky

1 Breck, Allen DuPont. The Centennial History Of The Jews Of Colorado, 1859-1959. Denver, CO: Hirschfeld Press, 1961. P46.

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