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Henry Rhine
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Married to: Unknown
In Leadville: 1881-1883

Henry Rhine first appeared in the 1881 Leadville City directory as a resident of 148 East Chestnut Street. [1] This was an apartment or sleeping room above a saloon which the previous year had been operated by Jewish entrepreneur Morris Leppel. [2] Any connection between the two men is unknown, however. Little is known of Henry’s early life or background. Leadville city directories only list his residence but not his employment.

Although his profession was not listed in 1881, Henry appeared in a Leadville newspaper as the administrator of the estate of Henry S. Gosline in October that year. Mr. Gosline was listed as deceased earlier in the month. [3] The relation between the two men is unknown and no individual named Henry Gosline was listed in Leadville directories during 1880 or 1881. Regardless, Henry was listed as a party defendant in a court case titled Hattenbach v. Gosline a week after he was named administrator. [4] Details of this case were not found by this researcher but was likely a tax dispute. The prosecution in the case was likely Isaac Hattenbach (sometimes Hattenback), a Jewish saloon keeper. [5]

In January of 1882, Henry was again listed in the court case section of a Leadville newspaper. He was involved in a dispute with the “Home Insurance Company of Cleveland, Ohio”, but details of the case were not revealed, and no further mention was found. [6]

Proof of Henry’s connection to Leadville’s burgeoning Jewish community came in July of 1882. According to a short notice in the American Israelite that month, Henry attended the bris of the son of Jewish merchant Samuel Mayer. At the dinner that evening, $58 was collected to be donated to the Cleveland Jewish Orphan Asylum; Henry contributed $1. [7] Henry’s connection and relationship with Sam Mayer is unknown.

Henry did not appear in Leadville newspapers after 1882. He was listed as a resident of 230 East 4th Street with the profession of horse trader in 1883. No further details of his later life were uncovered by this researcher.

Henry lived above the saloon at 148 East Chestnut Street during his first year in Leadville.

Henry lived above the saloon at 148 East Chestnut Street during his first year in Leadville. Note the unusual street alignment of this part of Leadville.

1883 Sanborn Fire Insurance Map.

Courtesy Library of Congress Maps Division.

Google Maps overhead view of the same convergence of East 2nd Street and Chestnut Street.

Google Maps overhead view of the same convergence of East 2nd Street and Chestnut Street. The approximate location of residence is circled. The road was in process of being reestablished as of 2019 after disappearing for well over half a century.

Google Maps Satellite view.

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