Abe Sandusky

Immigrated: Germany, 1881

Born: 1862

Occupation: Miner


Abe Sandusky immigrated to America from Germany in 1881 and appears in Leadville with the 1900 census. Abe was 29 at the time of the 1900 census, a miner, and lived at 124 W 6th Street. The 1900 census is Abe’s first and only documented presence in Leadville. As such, he left town before the following census was taken and disappears from known record.


Jennie S. Sandusky (J.S. Sandusky)

Born: 1865, California

Death: January 31, 1929

Spouse: Abraham Isaac Sandusky, 1886


Death: November 6, 1944

Children: Ethel May, Jacob, Minnie, Mendel, Leah, Frieda, Joseph, and Belle

Occupation: Furniture and Ceramic shop owner


Jennie S. Sandusky was born in California to Germany immigrants in 1865 and first appears in Leadville’s 1900 census at 145 Pine Street, but we know that she arrived earlier with an approximate arrival date of 1892. [1] Jennie married Abraham I. Sandusky in approximately 1886 and the two began their family the following year with the birth of their first child, Jacob. The couples first few years of marriage would be fraught with disappointment as Jacob and their next child, Belle, born in in 1894, would both die at young ages. Jacob lived to be two, while Belle would live just over a month and a half. [2]

The Sandusky family set up a furniture shop at 115 Harrison Avenue in 1892 and remained there until 1897. That year is when they expanded their operations to include a second-hand goods store in addition to the furniture store; the shops were located at 517 and 113 Harrison respectively. Jennie expanded her


furniture and second hand business to include ceramics, tin, and porcelain collectibles featuring Leadville landmarks and scenery. Jennie ran both businesses at the same address until roughly 1910 and employed nearly the entirety of her family as managers, clerks, and jewelers. [3] Jennie remained in Leadville until and only resurfaces in 1929 with her death in Pueblo, Colorado. Jennie died at age 65 and her burial site is located in the Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo, Colorado. [4] Her husband Abraham survived Jennie, he later died on November 4th, 1944, and is also buried in the Roselawn Cemetery.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Abe Sandusky
  • Jennie S. Sandusky
    (J.S. Sandusky)
  • Abraham I. Sandusky
  • Ethel May Sandusky
  • Jacob Sandusky
  • Minnie Sandusky
  • Mendel Sandusky
  • Leah Sandusky
  • Frieda Sandusky
  • Joseph Sandusky
  • Belle Sandusky



Minnie Sandusky.

From the 1912 high school annual.

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