The Stager brothers, Maurice and Meyer, were natives of Austrian Poland. Arriving in two stages, Maurice immigrated in 1902 (according to the census of 1910 and 1920 or 1900 in the 1930 census) at the age of sixteen and his then fifteen year old brother followed in 1908. By 1903, Maurice had found his way to Leadville and was employed as a clerk, using the name Morris, by Isaacs & Mitgang, clothiers, on the 100 block of Harrison Avenue. Maurice was friendly enough with his employer, Hyman Isaacs, that he shared lodgings with him at 209 West 3rd Street. The next year the two friends moved to 108 West Chestnut Street and in 1905 to 110 West Chestnut Street. 1905 was also the last year that Maurice used the name Morris in the city directory and his employer morphed into A. Isaacs & Son.

Stasis reigned until 1908 and the arrival of Meyer from the old country. His name replaces Maurice's in the city directories of 1908 and 1909 at the newly named Hyman Isaacs and at home at 110 West Chestnut. It is unclear as to whether he was actually absent for two years or simply not recorded. In any event, Maurice reappears in 1910 with Hyman, but living with just his brother at 203 Harrison Avenue next to the store. The boys moved to 220 Harrison Avenue the next year and stability reigned until 1914 when Maurice opened his own store selling clothing at 223 Harrison Avenue. There is no record of Meyer for that year, but during 1915 he was working at the Arkansas Valley Smelter. By 1916, Meyer was back at Hyman Isaacs competing with his brother and living apart at 215 West 3rd Street until 1917 when he seems to have left Leadville.

The latter years of the decade led to important changes for Maurice with the arrival of Sophie Goldstein and their marriage some time prior to 1920. Both were naturalized citizens by then, Maurice in 1907 (or, maybe, later as the 1910 census does not acknowledge this status). Sophie had come over from Hungary, where her birth tongue was Polish, either in 1902 or 1911 (depending upon census interpretation) and might have been naturalized in 1919. By 1920 the couple were renting at 144 West 7th Street and during the Roaring Twenties delivered Evelyn (9 in 1930), Robert W. (6 and, curiously, born in Ohio unlike his Colorado native sisters), and Vivien (3). Maurice's clothing store remained at 223 Harrison Avenue, telephone number 114-J, until 1930 by which time the family had acquired its own home at 218 West 4th Street. The Stagers left Leadville before publication of the 1931 telephone directory.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Maurice (Morris) Stager
  • Meyer Stager
  • Sophie (Goldstein) Stager
  • Evelyn Stager
  • Robert W. Stager
  • Vivien Stager

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