As an enterprising 21 year old Austrian immigrant, Julius Wolf joined Adolph Schayer in the liquor trade in Leadville during 1880. Opening shop as Wolf & Schayer at 142 East 3rd Street, the two men also shared living accommodations at that address. Two years later they moved the saloon, and their residence, to 118 East 6th Street. In 1883 Julius found privacy in room 17 at the Union Block. The business morphed to wholesale liquors (and cigars) in 1884 and Julius became Adolph's roommate again at 116 East 6th Street, next door to the business. The Purim Bal Masque ball, on March 11, was well attended that year and “J.H. Wolf and Mrs. H. Marsh” won $20 in a tie for best costumed group: “Uncle Sam and Columbia with a young American toddler in a miniature baby carriage”.

By 1885 Adolph was married, Julius was back at the Union Block, room 1 this time, and the liquor business relocated to 416 Harrison Avenue. The peripatetic Mr. Wolf then lived at 405 Harrison Avenue in 1886 and 1887 and at 610 Harrison Avenue during 1888. Julius’ ambition must have begun straying in 1887 as he had invested in New Castle, Colorado, real estate in anticipation of coal mining in the area. It was during the course of the following year that he sold his interest to Schayer and decamped for Cincinnati as there is no further indication of his presence in Leadville after 1888.

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