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Simon Zacharias
Born: 1855
Died: Unknown
Married to: Unknown
In Leadville: 1879-1880

A Wanted ad placed by S. Zacharias in the classified section of the Denver Daily Tribune in 1879.

A Wanted ad placed by S. Zacharias in the classified section of the Denver Daily Tribune in 1879.

“Local Advertisements”, “Wants”. Denver Daily Tribune. February 23, 1879. Page 1.

Simon Zacharias was a young man who lived in the household of fellow German Jewish family of David Frey [1] during 1880 and invested in business in Leadville as early as 1879. [2] Simon was listed as born in 1855 in the German principality of Hesse and immigrated to the United States via New York in 1873 at the age of 17. [3] Simon’s early movements prior to Colorado are unknown. He posted a short advertisement seeking an investor in the Daily Denver Tribune on February 23, 1879 (right). [4] Further details of this business or his source of capital were not found by this researcher. Perhaps his investment idea did not take hold; neither he nor a business associated with him were listed in the 1879 Leadville City directory. [5] If he were indeed the author of the advertisement, it is clear that he had a good command of English and the principles of investment- it is likely his previous experience in America were in these realms. In 1880, the address of the house which he lived with the Frey family was 331 West Chestnut Street. [6] While it is unclear from census documents his exact place of employment while in Leadville, he was likely employed by the Frey family in their grocery store and saloon which operated at 331 West Chestnut. According to the census enumeration, David Frey was also a native of the principality of Hesse, and he may have had familial or other relation to the Zacharias family prior to Leadville. The 1880 City Directory listed his employment title as miner, while the Census listed him as a clerk. He likely tried different trades during his short stay in Leadville, which the booming economy in the new bustling mining city could readily provide. Simon clearly made small investments in mining; in December of 1880, Simon sold all interest in the St. Mary lode to David’s wife Rosa for $1000 [7] . [8] This mention at the end of 1880 was the final evidence of Simon’s presence in Leadville. He did not appear in the 1881 Leadville City directory, nor in further local or statewide newspaper articles and his later movements are unknown. [9]

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SOURCE: Jewish Surnames/Zacharias
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