Born in 1855 as an “Austrian Polish”, Ausios Meyer Zeiler emigrated to America in 1887 after marrying Nettie (born in 1862 and also an “Austrian Polish”) in the old country. He is first recognized in Leadville under the business name of Mankuss & Zeiler at 120 Harrison Avenue during that same year. Nettie emigrated to America three years later in 1890. Since they had been married in 1882, the couple must have waited for Meyer to become established before reuniting in Colorado. Meyer was engaged in the clothing and men’s furnishings business under his own name at 112½ Harrison Avenue, which also served as the family’s residence, from 1888 until his death on October 29, 1912. Meyer Zeiler was subsequently buried in the Hebrew Cemetery (Block C, Lot 12, see the photograph below).

A Joseph Zeiler worked as a clerk for Meyer in 1891. He lived with the family at 112½ Harrison Avenue and it seems likely that he was Meyer’s brother. Joseph took to rag dealing the following year and removed himself to a residence at 124 West Chestnut Street. During 1894 and 1895 he was listed as being a peddler who lived at 411 Pine Street.


Meyer and Nettie’s living offspring (six did not survive to be counted in the 1910 Census) included Herman, Samuel (born 1892, died 1918), Esher (born December 5, 1895), and Joseph (born February 12, 1897). Except for Herman who was living as a young adult with his parents in 1900 and 1901 and who probably came over from Europe, all were born in Colorado-presumably Leadville. In 1910, Samuel was working with his father and the two younger children were attending school. In a sadder vein, an obituary the following year describes Meyer as a pallbearer for his friend Herman Oliner in December, 1911.

Meyer opened a second store at 216 Harrison Avenue for furniture sales in 1912 and Samuel seems to have been the clerk/manager. Joseph replaced his brother as clerk at 112½ Harrison Avenue. Upon Meyer’s death in late 1912, the family appears to have consolidated the business at 216 Harrison Avenue with Nettie and Samuel working there together during 1913. This is the last year that the family is mentioned in the Leadville city directories.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Ausios Meyer Zeiler
  • Nettie Zeiler
  • Joseph Zeiler
  • Herman Zeiler
  • Samuel Zeiler
  • Esther Zeiler
  • Joseph Zeiler
  • Elzie Inez (Hicks) Zeiler
  • Meyera Zeiler
  • Alan Zeiler
  • Al Lewis Silk
  • Marilyn Audrey (Silk) Gardner
  • Monroe Gardner
  • Alan Lawrence Gardner
  • Geneva Eden Dunkle
  • Meyer Zeiler
  • Floria Dena Goldman
  • Claudia Zeiler
  • Andrew Herman Zeiler
  • Andy Zeiler
  • Zachary Zeiler
  • Gwendolyn Rose Zeiler
  • Virginia Zeiler
  • Sandy Vaughn
  • Michael Vaughn

The photographs throughout this page (except for the tombstone photograph) and the information immediately below were kindly submitted by Alan Gardner (great grandson of Ausios Meyer and Nettie Zeiler)

Esther Zeiler, as your notes show, was born December 5, 1895. She, Herman, and Joseph all ended up in Los Angeles, I have no idea why but seems it was about 1919.


Esther married Al Lewis Silk sometime in the late 20’s. Esther and Al had a daughter Marilyn Audrey Silk (b. April 27, 1931, d. January 1969). I also don’t know what Esther did before she married Al, except she owned or was part owner of a dress shop for a while. Esther died in June 1969.


Marilyn Silk married Monroe Gardner (b. June 9, 1927, d. February 4, 2000) in August 1949 they too had one child: Alan Lawrence Gardner (that’s me!).


Alan Gardner married Barbara Ann Bartlett in 1988 they have one child, Laura Ann Gardner . Laura is Ausios Zeiler’s Great Great Granddaughter.


Joe Zeiler (b. February 12, 1896) graduated medical USC medical school, but I’m not sure when. He became a prominent urologist in Los Angeles. He married Elzie Inez Hicks (b. March 21, 1897, d. January, 1989) in 1927. They had one daughter: Meyera Zeiler . Joe Zeiler died May 24, 1961 of a sudden heart attack (see obituary).


I believe Herman Zeiler became a doctor also in the Los Angeles area, and may have been a pathologist. I may be wrong about this. I also think he had a son also named Alan.

Ausios Meyer Zeiler

Nettie Zeiler

The information below was kindly submitted by Claudia Zeiler

(great granddaughter of Ausios Meyer and Nettie Zeiler)


Herman Zeiler, the son of Ausios Meyer Zeiler, studied medicine at the College of Physicians and Surgeons (now Columbia University). He served as Pathologist on the building of the Panama Canal where he met his future wife, Geneva Eden Dunkle of Huntington, West Virginia. She was a nurse on the same project. (One return visit from Panama is documented online by an entry through Ellis Island.)


Meyer Zeiler (born 1/3/1914) became a pathologist like his father. He married Floria Dena Goldman in Los Angeles 2/14/1942. They had two children, Claudia Zeiler and Andrew Herman Zeiler. Claudia Zeiler has one daughter, . Andy Zeiler has two adult children, Zachary Zeiler and Gwendolyn Rose Zeiler. Andrew Herman Zeiler now lives in Boulder, Colorado.


Virginia Zeiler married Sandy Vaughn and lived her adult life in Schenectedy, N.Y. They had one son, Michael Vaughn.

Ausios Meyer Zeiler in the Hebrew Cemetery, Leadville.

Joseph, Nettie, and Meyer Zeiler

Dr. Joseph Zeiler, circa 1930

Obituary for Dr. Joseph Zeiler, who died May 24, 1961.


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