Samuel Berry

Born 1853

Born in Germany

Immigrated 1870

Married to Bertha Hoffman Berry



Bertha (Hoffman) Berry

Born 1857

Born in Ohio

Married to Samuel Berry



Sydney Berry

Born 1882

Born in Colorado


Albert Berry

Born 1883

Born in Colorado


Laura Berry

Born 1888

Born in Colorado


Frank Berry

Born 1895

Born in Colorado



The Berry family was part of Leadville’s merchant community during the late 19th century.  Samuel Berry was born in 1853 and immigrated to the United States from Germany in 1870.[1]   In 1881 Sam married Bertha Hoffman of Ohio.[2]   Bertha was born in 1857 and was the sister of Alfred and Isaac Hoffman, two other prominent Leadville merchants.[3]

The Berrys arrived in Leadville the same year as their marriage, and Sam promptly started a boot and clothing store at 223 Harrison Avenue.  The store doubled as their residence.[4]   In 1882 they had their first son, Sydney [5], and moved their residence to 335 W. 4th Street[6]  where they remained until 1890.[7]   Albert, their next son, was born in 1883.[8]   The following year Samuel moved his clothing store to 508 Harrison Avenue.[9]   In 1886 Henry Angerman appears in the city directory as a partner in Berry’s business.[10]   Angerman continued to work with Berry until 1888.[11]   That year Birtha gave birth to a daughter named Laura.[12]   In 1890 the Berry residence moved to 125 W. 8th Street[13]  and this remained the Berry residence until 1902.[14]   Berry renovated this home in 1892, adding a second story.[15]   Alfred Hoffman, Bertha’s brother, began working with Berry in 1889[16]  as a clerk.  Alfred become a partner in the business until 1902 when he began his own enterprise.[17]   The Berrys had another child in 1895, a son named Frank.[18]   Sam Berry ran his store until shortly after 1902[19]  when he moved his family to Washington state.[20]


The Berrys frequently appear in Leadville newspapers due to their achievements and their level of involvement in the community.  Sam and Bertha attended the Purim Ball in March of 1885.  The proceeds of the Purim Ball went to relieving the indebtedness of the Temple Israel congregation due to the costs of construction associated with the synagogue.[21]   The Berrys also attended the Simchas Torah Ball in 1892.[22]   In 1901 Mr. and Mrs. Berry hosted a well-attended Euchre party in 1901.[23]   That same year Sam was also the chairman for the July Fourth planning committee.[24]

Sydney Berry appeared more often than his parents in the city newspapers.  He is listed as attending the birthday parties of his peers twice in 1889[25]  and once in 1895.[26]   At a party for Samuel Cohn in 1889 Sydney provided his friend with a “transparent slate,” as a birthday present.[27]   In 1899, Sydney participated in a President’s Day debate in which he argued against the consolidation of Colorado’s public universities into a single location.[28]   Next, Sydney was head of a subcommittee for the 1901 July Fourth, celebrations.[29]


Albert Berry appears in the Herald Democrat in 1899 when he graduated from Grammar School.[30]  He is later in the paper for a more prestigious achievement-his  graduation from the Colorado School of Mines in 1905.[31]   Laura Berry is listed as attending a party in 1892[32]  and in 1903.[33]   She also helped host her parents Euchre party in 1901.[34]


The last mention of the Berrys in the city directory is in 1902.[35]   Laura appears in the newspaper in 1903 at the above mentioned birthday party.  Sometime during 1903, or soon afterwards, the Berrys left Leadville and moved to Spokane, Washington.  Sydney Berry returned to Leadville, from Spokane, in 1905[36]  to visit his old acquaintances.  The Berrys were still in Washington up to 1923.[37]

Names associated with this surname:

  • Samuel Berry
  • Bertha (Hoffman) Berry
  • Sydney Berry
  • Albert Berry
  • Laura Berry
  • Frank Berry

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