1879: The Coliseum Theatre fire on June 20 caused the death of one man and threatened to destroy the 100 block of West Chestnut Street. The Chronicle description of the fire, the losses from it and human interest sidelights read in part:


At forty-four minutes past one o’clock this afternoon, little tongues of fire were seen lapping up through the roof of the Miners’ Arms building [at 132 West Chestnut, one door east of the Coliseum] ...It was first noticed by a CHRONICLE reporter and a Mr. Roberts, who were coming up the street on horseback. ...They spurred past and thirty seconds after the alarm was sounded, both the Tabor Hose and Harrison Hooks were on the street, and not over two minutes elapsed before water was turned on the burning building. The fire originated in a sleeping apartment on the second floor of the Miners’ Arms saloon. The place is known as Kelley’s lodging house. The flames made rapid headway and communicated to the Coliseum Theatre on the west, and from there to the Empire lodging house over Louis Braham & Co.’s Great Western Clothing store [at 136 W. Chestnut]. The fire was confined to these three buildings.

1880: Because of such an excellent and wide selection to chose from David May must have been handsomely dressed at his wedding to Rosa Shoenberg at two o’clock in the afternoon of September 20. The ceremony, as recorded in the Chronicle, was performed in the home of the bride’s brother, with only relatives and intimate friends present. After describing the bride’s gown of “dregs-of-wine silk with diamond ornaments and velvet trimmings,” a reporter told of the festive board:


The table was a treat to look upon, and spread in the mellow light of the drawing room made a picture within itself. The arrangements had been under the supervision of Mr. M. E. Welsh of Mike’s Cafe, Leadville’s best caterer, and reflected no little credit upon his good taste. The tables were arranged in the shape of a broad letter T, and at the center of the upper bar sat the bride and groom. To the right sat the father and mother, and to the left Mr. and Mrs. Braham, the sister and brother-in-law of the bride. In the inner angles the brothers were seated, and on the extremities the privileged guests. Directly in front of the bride and groom rose the bridal cake, fretted, filigreed, garnished with flowers, and molded in the shape of a pyramid.

The gifts listed in the paper were:

  • Parlor set, J. E. Shoenberg
  • Sideboard, Joe Franklin, Chicago
  • Bedroom set, M. Shoenberg
  • Range and outfit, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Braham



1882, 1st week of December:


Mrs. Louis Braham and Mrs. Dave May who have been visiting friends and relatives at Dayton, Ohio, returned to Leadville the first of the week.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Louis Braham
  • Rosa (Shoenberg) Braham
  • Brother of Louis?
  • Mr. Braham (father of Louis)
  • Mrs. Braham (mother of Louis)

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