Cohen (Cohn) (Samuel Household)


Samuel Cohen

Born 1840

Born in New York

Occupation Clothing Store Co-Owner

Married to Yetta


Yetta Cohen

Born 1854

Born in New York

Married to Samuel


Lou Cohen

Born 1874

Born in New York

Son of Samuel and Yetta


Amy Cohen

Born 1875

Born in New York

Daughter of Samuel and Yetta


Mabel Cohen

Born 1877

Born in New York

Daughter of Samuel and Yetta



Sam Cohen and his family were involved in Leadville in the early 1880s.  The entire family originated in New York.[1]   Sam was born in 1840, he married Yetta, who was born in 1854.[2]  The family had three children: Lou, Amy and Mabel, born in 1874, 1875, and 1877 respectively.[3]   The family relocated to Leadville in 1879.[4]

Cohen ran a clothing store with his colleague, Harris Poznanski, at 203 Harrison Avenue.[5]   It appears Cohen was the primary manager of the shop because, according to the city directory, Poznanski is listed as residing in New York.[6]   Cohen worked with Poznanski in 1881, but he does not appear in subsequent city directories, so it is not clear what he did for the business.  Despite his absence from city directories, Cohen often appeared in the Leadville newspapers.

The Cohens were active in Leadville’s Jewish social life.  In November, 1879, Sam was one of the founding members of Leadville’s B’nai B’rith chapter.[7]   Mrs. Cohen volunteered frequently with the Hebrew Ladies Benevolent Society, often hosting meetings,[8]  and helping run events.  Some of the events Mrs. Cohen contributed to were the Pink Domino Hop[9]  and the Strawberry Festival.[10]   Both the Cohens attended the one-year anniversary for B’nai B’rith in 1880,[11]  and the Simchas Torah Ball in 1881.[12]   Sam Cohen also participated in other Leadville social clubs and events.  He was a Guardian of the Knights of Honor[13]  who attended the Standard Ball with his wife in 1880,[14]  and the Knights of Pythias Ball in 1881.[15]

The Cohens frequently appeared in the newspaper for social events during their first few years in Leadville.  Sadly, they also appeared in the papers for a less fortunate event in early 1884 when they suffered foreclosure on several of their properties.  The Leadville Daily Herald advertised the auction of the affected Cohen properties in January of 1884.[16]

After their foreclosure, the Cohens appear less frequently in the Leadville papers.  They may have even left town by 1885 because they do not appear in that year’s census.[17]   However, Samuel Cohen does appear in the Leadville Daily Herald in April, 1885, where he is listed as having mining patents on the Last Chance and Cato lodes.[18]   Perhaps the Cohens’ fortunes improved to the extent they were able to invest in Leadville’s mining industry after leaving the town.  Unfortunately, it is not clear where the Cohens relocated to after Leadville.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Samuel Cohen
  • Yetta Cohen
  • Lou Cohen
  • Amy Cohen
  • Mabel Cohen


  • Harris Poznanski
  • Wolfe Cohen
  • Leah Cohen
  • Rachel Cohen
  • Jacob Cohen
  • Sarah Cohen
  • David Cohen
  • Isaac Cohen


  • George Cohen
  • Maxine (Cohen) Goodman
  • Robert Goodman
  • Morris Cohen


  • Isaac Cohen


  • Marcus Cohen


  • Lillie Cohen
  • Mable Cohen
  • (Infant) Cohen
    (daughter of Gus)

Cohen (Wolfe Household)


Wolfe Cohen

Born 1847

Born in Poland

Occupation: Clothier and Saloon Owner

Married to Leah


Leah Cohen

Born 1848

Born in Poland

Married to Wolfe


Rachel Cohen

Born 1827

Born in Poland

Mother of Wolfe


Jacob Cohen

Born 1866

Born in Poland

Son of Wolfe and Leah


Sarah Cohen

Born 1870

Born in New York

Daughter of Wolfe and Leah


David Cohen

Born 1876

Born in New York

Son of Wolfe and Leah


Isaac Cohen

Born 1879

Born in Indiana

Son of Wolfe and Leah

Wolfe Cohen and his family were active in Leadville from 1880 to at least 1882.  Wolfe was born in Poland in 1847.[19]   Little is known about his life in Poland, except that his mother was Rachel, who was born in 1827.[20]   In Poland Wolfe married Leah (surname unknown), who was born in 1848.[21]   Prior to immigrating to the United States, Wolfe and Leah had a son, Jacob, in 1866.[22]   By 1870, the family, including Rachel, had immigrated to New York where Sarah was subsequently born.[23]   The next addition to Wolfe and Leah’s family occurred in 1876 with the birth of David.[24]   In 1879, while the family was living in Indiana they had another son, Isaac.[25]

The Cohen family arrived in Leadville in 1880.[26]   Wolfe started his Leadville life as a tailor, working with his mother, Rachel, at 106 Toledo Avenue.[27]   It appears Rachel may have been active in commerce, since she also appeared in the Leadville Weekly Herald regarding a transfer of funds to “Richard E. Whitaitt, one-eighth of the Smasher, for $800.”[28]    In 1881, Wolfe is listed as running a saloon at 103 E. Chestnut Street.[29]   The next year, 1882, Wolfe was active once again in the clothing industry with a shop at 218 W. Chestnut Street.[30]   After 1882, Wolfe’s family ceases to appear in the city records and newspapers.  It seems they left town, although it is unclear where they relocated.[31]

George Cohen

Brother of Maxine


Maxine (Cohen) Goodman

Married to Robert


Robert Goodman

Married to Maxine



Maxine and Robert Goodman were only in Leadville very briefly in the early 1900s.[32]  However, while in Leadville and when they returned to Denver, Robert had his wife pursue a “questionable calling for a livelihood.” The couple returned to Denver in June, 1906, and George Cohen learned of his sister’s plight. The Herald Democrat reports what followed:

“Robert Goodman was shot and killed tonight by George Cohen, in a restaurant in the lower part of the city.  The shooting followed many threats made upon the life of Goodman by Cohen, it is said, because the former compelled his wife, who is Cohen’s sister to engage in a questionable calling for a livelihood.



Cohen surrendered himself to the police immediately after the shooting declaring that he had no regret for his action as he did only what he thought was right in justice to his sister.

Cohen further claimed that Goodman’s conduct had brought shame upon his (Cohen’s) family and caused the death of his father, Morris Cohen.”[33]


In September, 1906, George Cohen was charged with “a verdict of voluntary manslaughter, with recommendation of extreme leniency.  Cohen’s defense was that he killed Goodman because the latter ruined his sister.  Cohen is in the last stages of tuberculosis and testimony was introduced to show that he might die at any time and certainly could not live a year.”[34]  George Cohen did in fact die of tuberculosis shortly after the trial.[35]   It is unclear what became of his sister, Maxine.

Isaac Cohen

Born 1836

Born in Massachusetts




Isaac Cohen was a miner who lived at Iron Hill near Leadville during 1880.  Isaac was born in 1836 and was from Massachusetts.  The census lists him as married, but his wife did not live with him in Leadville.  The only Leadville record which Isaac appears on is the 1880 census.  Accordingly, not much is known about Isaac Cohen, the miner.[36]

Marcus Cohen

Born 1857

Born in Alabama

Occupation Clerk


Marcus Cohen was born in Alabama during 1857.[37]   He was the son of immigrants from Poland and Germany.[38]   Marcus arrived in Leadville in 1880.[39]   He was one of the employees of Fred Butler and Henry Frankle, two successful Jewish merchants who owned the Palace of Fashion, where Marcus worked as a clerk.[40]   While in Leadville he resided at 113 and 111 E. Chestnut Street in 1880 and 1881 respectively.[41]

Lillie Cohen


All that is known of Lillie Cohen is that she died on August 24, 1885.[42]   There were multiple Cohens in Leadville during this time so it is unclear to whom she might have been related.



Mable Cohen


Mabel Cohen is in a similar predicament to Lillie.  All that is known is that Mabel died on June 25, 1880.  It is also unknown who her relatives were.  She was interred in the Hebrew Cemetery.[43]


Infant Cohen


There is not much information on Infant Cohen.  She passed away in February 1905 and was only three months old.  She is listed as the daughter of Gus from Buena Vista.  Infant Cohen was interred in the Hebrew Cemetery.[44]



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