Adolph Donath

Born 1845

Born in Germany

Immigrated 1865

County Commissioner and Odd Fellow Grandmaster


Mary Donath

Born 1850

Born in Germany

Immigrated 1868


Eric Donath

Born 1874

Born in Colorado


Hilma Donath

Born 1878

Born in Colorado

Adolph Donath was born during 1845 in Germany. He immigrated to the United States in 1865.  His wife was Mary (maiden name unknown).  Mary was also from Germany, and was born in 1850. She immigrated to the United States in 1868.  It is not known when Adolph and Mary were wed, but they had their first child, Eric, in 1874.  Eric was born in Colorado, as was his sister, Hilma, who was born during 1878.[1]

Adolph Donath is listed in Allen Breck’s The Centennial History of the Jews of Colorado: 1859 – 1959, as one of the Jews in business in Leadville during 1878.[2]   In the 1879 Leadville City Directory Donath was one of the county commissioners.  After 1879, Donath no longer appears in Leadville records. The family moved to the Front Range, near Loveland.[3]   In 1902 Donath appeared in the Leadville papers once more.  That December, he visited Leadville and the local Odd Fellows group conducted a banquet in Donath’s honor.[4]   Donath was the Grandmaster of the Colorado Odd Fellows in the early 1900s.[5]   Other than this visit, Donath was no longer involved with Leadville.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Adolph Donath
  • Mary Donath
  • Eric Donath
  • Hilma Donath

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