David Ezekiel

Born 1843

Born in Ohio

Served in the Union Army during the Civil War

Occupation: Broker and President of the Denver Mining Exchange

Married to Kate


Kate Ezekiel

Born 1852

Born in Ohio

Married to David



David Ezekiel was a businessman who lived in Leadville in the early 1880s.  Ezekiel was born during 1843 in Ohio.[1]   He served in the Civil War with the 10th West Virginia Regiment.[2]   Ezekiel continued to serve with the army until retiring in 1878.[3]   After serving with the army, Ezekiel made his way to Leadville.

In November, 1879, Ezekiel was listed in the Leadville Weekly Herald as one of the founding members of Leadville’s B’nai B’rith lodge.[4]   Ezekiel appears in the 1880 City Directory, where he is listed as a mining broker, working with Milo Slate.[5]   Their business was located at 112 E. 3rd Street[6]  while Ezekiel’s residence was located at 200 W. 7th Street.[7]   In 1881 Ezekiel began to work with fellow mining broker Halcott Anderson at room 3, Chicago block, 106 E. 5th Street.[8]   Ezekiel continued to work with Anderson in 1882, and moved residences to 232 W. 8th Street.[9]   In 1883 Ezekiel last appears in the city directories living at the Clarendon Hotel.[10]   The 1885 census reveals Ezekiel had moved to Denver where he had a wife named Kate.[11]   It is unclear whether Ezekiel married Kate before or after moving to Denver.


Ezekiel disappeared from Leadville records for a number of years, probably due to his new residency in Denver.  However, in March, 1895, Ezekiel passed away and the Leadville Daily Chronicle ran his obituary.

“Captain David I. Ezekial, president of the Denver Mining Exchange, died at St. Luke’s hospital in that city at 3 o’clock Sunday afternoon.


Mr. Ezekial was one of the pioneers of Leadville, coming here shortly after retiring from the army in 1878.  In the war he made an honorable record, being wounded when a member of the Tenth West Virginia, which was the cause of his death.  He acquired a knowledge of civil engineering in the war, and was one of the surveyors of the original town of Leadville.


He was a member of the Knights of Honor, A. O. U. W., the Loyal Legion and G. A. R.  His wife survives him.  He carried $12,000 life insurance.”[12]

Names associated with this surname:

  • David Ezekiel
  • Kate Ezekiel

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