Name: Mary Hyman (Also known as Mary Katz and Mary H. Moberg)

Birth: April 28, 1887

Death: August 12, 1953

Spouse: Nathan Katz


Mary Hyman was born in Kansas City, Missouri on April 28, 1888 to Levi and Sarah Hyman.[1]  The following year, the Hyman family moved to Leadville and took up residence at 115 East 3rd Street.[2]   In 1889, the Hyman family consisted of Levi and Sarah and their children Nathan, Henry, and Mary.[3]   The family lived at the 115 East 3rd Street residence for the duration of their time in Leadville and grew by two more children with the addition of David and Sophie.[4]   In 1892, at the age of five, Mary was sent to live with her older sister Bessie Blackman in Huntsville, Alabama.[5]   In 1896, while Mary was away in Alabama, her father, Levi died.[6]  Her mother, Sarah, remarried twice within as many years before finally settling in with Mary’s step-father Henry Barnett.[7]   After eight years of living with her sister, Bessie died in 1900 which prompted Mary’s return to Leadville.[8]

At the age of twenty, Mary married Nathan Katz on October 21, 1906.[9]   Mary’s marriage was not to be filled with harmony and a short three months later Katz abandoned her.[10]   Mary continued to live in the city and worked as a domestic servant to the Nathan Miller family. In the 1910 census Mary is listed as working for the Miller family at their residence on 130 East Seventh Street in service.[11]  Where Mary lived during this time is unclear as she is listed at both the Miller residence and also within her immediate family’s household at 115 East 3rd Street.[12]  In 1911, five years after her husband, Nathan, had abandoned her, Mary filed for divorce on the grounds of desertion and non-support and in May of that year her request was granted.[13]

Mary remarried in 1915 to Walter Moberg[14] and the pair remained married until Walter’s death sometime in 1947.[15]  Walter was not Jewish and as such was buried in the non- Jewish section of Evergreen cemetery.[16]   Mary lived to be sixty-six years old but little is known of her despite the fact that she belonged to a prominent and well-known family in Leadville. Mary died on August 12, 1953 and is buried in Leadville’s Hebrew cemetery.[17]

Names associated with this surname:

  • Mary (Hyman) (Katz) Moberg
  • Levi Hyman
  • Sarah Hyman
  • Bessie (Hyman?)
  • Nathan Katz
  • Nathan Miller
  • Walter Moberg

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