Birth: May 5, 1845

Death: March 15, 1896

Occupation: Manager of the Manhattan Clothing store

Spouse: Unknown, Mrs. A. Pechner

Children: Marvin Pechner


Alexander Pechner was born in Germany in approximately 1845.  When he migrated to the United States is unknown but by 1890, Pechner and his wife had arrived in Leadville.[1]   Alexander’s wife’s name is unknown and she appears in the local periodicals as “Mrs. A. Pechner” or “Lady Pechner”.[2]   The couple had one son, Marvin, but his birth year or when Marvin left Leadville are unknown.


Upon his arrival in the city in 1890, Pechner was employed as the manager of the Hub Clothing House, however his employment with the Hub Clothing House was short lived and Pechner quickly relocated to the Manhattan Clothing House.[3]   At this time the Pechner family resided at 324 West Fourth Street.[4]   Pechner remained at the Manhattan Clothing House until 1892 when he was hired by Herman Strauss to manage Strauss’ new business venture, the Model Clothing House.[5]   By this

time Pechner’s business savvy reputation in town had been solidified and the Herald Democrat reported that “Mr. Pechner who is well known and has made many friends, will no doubt meet with success under his new management, as the establishment will be run first-class…Mr. Pechner is fully qualified in knowing what the people of Leadville want…”


This employment with Strauss would be short-lived as well and Pechner soon went to work for Meyers Harris’ clothing business.[6]   At this time the Pechner family residence had relocated to 210 West Third Street.[7]   Pechner remained with Harris until 1895 when he switched career tracks from clothing management to custom paints.[8]  The family resided at 118 W 7th Street and remained here until Pechner’s sudden death in 1896.


While he lived in Leadville, Alexander Pechner was very active in several fraternal orders, such as: the Golden Cross,[9]  Knights of Pythias,[10]  Woodmen of the World,[11]  and the Leadville Turn Verin club.[12]   Mrs. Pechner also participated within the city’s social clubs and was a member of the L.R.C.[13]

The Pechner family lived in Leadville from 1890 to 1896. Their move was prompted by the death of Alexander, who passed away on March 15, 1896. The Herald Democrat reported that Pechner, had “not been a well a man for the past few months, but no serious results were anticipated.”[14]   As such, Pechner’s death came as a shock to his family and community as after a bout of dizziness, “he was just preparing to walk up town when he was stricken down. He only suffered about fifteen minutes when death came.”[15]   Pechner’s funeral was well attended by the fraternal organizations that he belonged to and he was buried in the Evergreen Hebrew Cemetery.[16]


Following Pechner’s death, Mrs. Pechner remained in the city only long enough to settle old accounts and secure a new residence in Trinidad, Colorado.  Mrs. Pechner and Marvin permanently left the city in April.  The Leadville Daily/Evening Chronicle wrote that “Mrs. Pechner has been a member (of the LRC) for several years…[and] [a]ll of her numerous friends here are very sorry to see her go, as she was a great favorite with all.”[17]   Mrs. Pechner and Marvin’s whereabouts after their move to Trinidad are unknown.

Names associated with this surname:

  • Alexander Pechner
  • Mrs. A Pechner
  • Marvin Pechner

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