Immigration: Approx. 1881, Paris France

Date of Birth: Approx. 1846

Death: ???

Spouse: Rose Schwartz, Hungarian

Children: Theodore Philippe

Occupation: Liquor Shop and Saloon Owner


Samuel Philippe was born in Paris, France in the late 1840’s, he was then known as Simon. By 1881 Samuel immigrated to Leadville, Colorado and within the year opened a saloon at 128 W 6th Street, and his residence was located at 115 W 6th Street.  The following year Samuel moved his saloon down the street to 126 W 6th Street, but quickly moved after just one year to 104 Harrison Avenue. Samuel remained at 104 Harrison Avenue until 1885.




On September 16th of 1885, Samuel married Rosa Schwartz, a Hungarian immigrant who was born in 1850. Within the same year, Samuel made a business move to 224 E 6th Street and remained here until 1887.  In 1887, Samuel’s brother, Arthur, worked for him at his liquor store as a clerk and the pair lived together at 104 Harrison Avenue. On May 15th 1888, Samuel and Rosa welcome their first son Theodore into the world. During this time Samuel, Rosa, and Theodore resided at 135 East 4th Street and continued to do so until their divorce in 1892.  Following the divorce Rosa and Theodore left Leadville for Chicago where Rosa met and married a man only known by his last name, Davis. Samuel remained in Leadville until at least 1891 and ran a saloon on 308 East 6th Street.  His last known residence in Leadville was located at 221 East 10th Street and after this year Samuel faded from public documents and his whereabouts remain unknown.


Names associated with this surname:

  • Samuel (Simon?) Philippe
  • Rosa Schwartz
  • Arthur Philippe
  • Theodore Philippe

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