A. H. Thorn

Occupation: ?

Born: ?

Birthplace: ?

Death: ?


Nathan Thorn

Occupation: Cigar Dealer

Born: 1840?

Birthplace: New York

Death: ?


Shino Thorn

Occupation: Housewife

Born: 1831

Birthplace: Poland

Death: ?


Nachia Thorn

Occupation: ?

Born: 1876?

Birthplace: Illinois

Death: ?

A. H. Thorn was a member of Leadville’s B’nai B’rith charter group. [1] It is probable that Thorn’s first name was mistakenly recorded by the press in 1879 and the individual’s correct name was Nathan. A man by the name of Nathan Thorn was listed in Leadville’s 1880 Census and worked as a cigar dealer. Thorn was born around 1840 in New York. He married Shino Thorn who was born in Poland about 1831. The couple had one daughter, Nachia, born around 1876 in Illinois. [2]  Further information regarding the Thorn’s whereabouts or activities outside of Leadville is not available.

Names associated with this surname:

  • A.H. Thorn
  • Nathan Thorn
  • Shino Thorn
  • Nachia Thorn

1 “B’nai B’rith: Organization of Rocky Mountain Lodge No. 332, A Banquet Given by the Members.” Leadville Weekly Herald. Leadville, CO; USA. November 15, 1879.


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