Milton Coleman

Born 1856

Born in Missouri

Parents from Kentucky


Married to Pearl Blumberg/Bergman/Coleman

in 1905


Pearl Coleman

Born 1866

Born in Russia

Married to Jacob Bergman in 1886

Immigrated in 1887


Samuel Bergman

Born 1889

Born in Colorado

Parents from Russia

Stepson of Milton

Manuel Bergman

Born 1885

Born in Colorado

Parents from Russia

Stepson of Milton


Ester Bergman

Born 1897

Born in Colorado

Parents from Russia

Stepdaughter of Milton


Harris Bergman

Born 1899

Born in Colorado

Parents from Russia

Stepson of Milton


Mildred Coleman

Born 1906

Born in Colorado

Daughter of Milton and Pearl

It is not known whether Milton Coleman was Jewish, it is even probable he was a gentile. However, Coleman married the divorcee, Pearl Bergman who was Jewish.[1]   Therefore Coleman is included in these biographies.  Coleman was born during 1856 in the state of Missouri.[2]

Names associated with this surname:

  • Milton Coleman
  • Pearl (Bergman) Coleman
  • Samuel Bergman
  • Manuel Bergman
  • Ester Bergman
  • Harris Bergman
  • Mildred Coleman

Coleman first appeared in the Leadville city directories in 1891 working as a car repairer for the Colorado Midland Railway.  Throughout his tenure in Leadville Coleman usually worked as a (railway) car repairer and mechanic.  In 1892, Coleman worked for the D&RGRR. Coleman is not mentioned for several years again in the directories until 1897, when he was working as a miner for the Ibex Mining Co.  During 1898, he was a blacksmith for the Marian Lease.  In 1899, he is listed as one of the leaders of the Leadville Oddfellows

organization.  He was also the C. F.(?) of the United Workmen section in Leadville.  Next, in 1902, Coleman was working as a miner once more.  During 1903, he worked as a carpenter.  In 1904 Coleman was a laborer and from 1905 to 1906 he was a car inspector for the Colorado Midland Railway.  During 1907, he worked for the Arkansas Valley Smelter.  From 1909 to 1917 he worked as a car inspector and repairer.[3]

In 1892, Coleman appeared in the Herald Democrat, where he was recruiting members for the Brotherhood of Railway Carmen.[4]  In 1906, he was elected as a representative for Leadville’s section of the Knights of Pythias.[5]   He was to attend the grand lodge session in Denver.

In 1905, Coleman married Pearl Bergman, who was Jewish.  Pearl was the daughter of Samuel and Paulina Blumberg.[6]   She had previously been married to Jacob Bergman.[7]   Coleman took on Pearl’s four children from her first marriage and the couple also had a daughter of their own, Mildred, in 1906. [8]   The Colemans remained in Leadville until at least 1918 when they last appear in the city directories. [9]   More information about the Coleman – Bergman family’s time in Leadville can be found in the Bergman biography.

1 U.S. Census Bureau. 1920 Census.

2 The 1920 Census states Coleman was born in Missouri and his parents were born in Kentucky. The 1910

Census states he was born in Michigan and that his father was born in Pennsylvania and his mother was born

in Tennessee. Here the latest 1920 census is referenced.

3 1891 – 1917 Leadville city directories.

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