Moses Levi

Born 1852

Born in New York

Pawn Broker


Moses Levi was born during 1852 in New York. His parents were of German descent.[1]  Moses lived in Leadville for a brief period in 1880. During that time, he worked as a pawn broker, servicing the newly founded mining community of Leadville. He lived in the rear unit of 204 West 4th Street.[2] After 1880, Moses no longer resided in Leadville, and it is possible he migrated to another mining town, as was common in this period.

David Levi

Born 1857

Born in Pennsylvania



David Levi was born in 1857 in Pennsylvania. His parents were immigrants from Germany.[3] David lived in Leadville from 1880 to 1883, where he worked as a clerk for various Jewish businesses. In 1880, he worked for J. E. Schoenberg at the Grand Hotel.[4] In 1881 and 1882 he worked for L. A. Braham,[5] another Leadville Jew who had been one of David’s coworkers in 1880.[6] During those years David resided at 410 Harrison Avenue.[7] In 1883, David is once again listed as a clerk and his address is 320 Harrison Avenue. David does not appear in city directories after 1883.

Isaac Levi


Unfortunately, Isaac Levi does not appear in any Leadville census records, so where he came from is unknown. It is known that Isaac lived in Leadville during 1880, and worked as a clerk and lived at 320 Harrison Avenue.[8] Sadly nothing else is known about Isaac Levi.

Names associated with this surname:

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